Unexplored Part 2

Oh my goodness!  I’m such a twit!  I was reading a blog post by Raine of Lime Tree Fruits about changing her relationship with money.  Suddenly a lightbulb clicked in my brain – that’s what this reading was about!!  The past emotional influence that is still impacting my opportunities for new growth and prosperity are rooted in my childhood.  My family was often in dire financial straits.  There were six of us and Dad was pretty bad at holding down a steady job.  He tended to work as a bartender or other job that provided an unreliable income.  Mom had a full-time job but it never paid much.  So with four kids finances were often very, very tight around our house.

Our own recent financial difficulties have triggered a lot of unresolved issues for me.  It has shaken my security tree so to speak.  Our nest egg has become alarmingly low and I’m nervous and scared.  In fact I’m rather terrified that starting up a Tarot reading business is a rather ridiculous response to this situation.  I know things are tough out there and I might find it very difficult to land a job earning what I used to in my previous life but I would hope I could find something that would tide us over.

My practical side is fighting a furious battle with my dreamier side and so far there is no clear winner.  I think this reading is telling me that I need to let go of those fears and trust that I can manifest the future I want doing what I want.  I can make that dream come true but first I have to trust my instincts and not let fear and past memories hold me back.

2 thoughts on “Unexplored Part 2

  1. Hi Debbie, thanks for linking to my post. 🙂

    Ya know, this might be related to what you are saying or not. Today Marie Forleo {life + biz coach} just launched a series of free videos about building a biz around your passions. It might be helpful. 🙂 Like you said it is though out there but peeps that don’t give up and most of all educate themselves on how to build and grow a biz are good to go. Really, that simple. 😀 Yet most don’t follow thru.
    Many things came up to me once I decided to do so for myself. Even the word “business” was icky to me and I have been doing tons of work within and letting go of old limiting beliefs to be able to move forward with my dreams.
    Anywho, this might be helpful or not. Just in case here is how you get the videos: http://rhhbschool.com/ {and no, no affiliation whatsoever, I just love her work! 🙂 }


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