Pondering the week

The last few days have been quite revealing and insightful at least from a Tarot perspective. In response to my daily queries focusing on how I should use my energy, I have drawn the 8 of Wands reversed crossed by The Wheel, Temperance crossed by The Emperor reversed, 7 of Pentacles crossed by Death reversed, and the 9 of Cups reversed, 3 of Cups reversed and Judgment.

Without going into details about what each daily reading means, the overall sense I get is one of blocked progress, energy denied. I think what the cards are trying to let me know is that my usual method of doing things, my normal priorities and even my former lifestyle are just not going to be useful right now. The circumstances in my life preclude putting that energy to use in the external world. In other words finding an outside job or becoming involved in community activities or groups that require in-person participation are probably not a good idea right now.

So that means I need to find other ways of meeting my needs and finding fulfillment. I need to explore new ways of expressing my creativity and manifesting my dreams. I need to also find creative ways to generate some income in my life. Obviously a 9-5 traditional job will not work for me at this time.

I feel like a river that has been dammed and hasn’t yet found a new outlet or new path to the sea. I know it will happen but I’m so unsure and confused about which way to look. This is an area I need to do more research and inquiry. Perhaps it’s time to explore answers from the Tarot and other mediums as well. I suppose time will tell.

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