What do I need to focus on today? Justice + Queen of Wands R (All Hallows)

All Hallows Justice All Hallows Queen of Wands

My initial response seeing these cards is that I need to find inner balance and make some clear-sighted decisions about my life because otherwise my creative energies are going to waste. Right now I’m viewing my creative energies as muscles and you know what they say about muscles – if you don’t use them you lose them.

I think the reversed Queen of Wands is pointing out that I need to explore myself and find ways to make things happen. I need to see things from a new perspective and explore previously uncharted territory. On the All Hallows card, she wears a witch’s hat adorned with a wreath of autumn leaves, holding a black cat in one hand and her broom in another. Have magick, will travel might be her motto. So how can I incorporate this energy into the reality that is my life right now?

Justice, with her blank eyes, suggests that I need to looks at things from a dispassionate, objective viewpoint. I can’t let my own emotions get in the way right now. They will certainly impact the outcome but in order to make some clear-sighted plans, I need to try to avoid getting lose in them. Let’s face it when it’s your life it’s almost impossible to have a clear-sighted, objected opinion about anything. I tend to skew things so that they produce the result I believe I wanted from the outset. That approach is not going to prove helpful here. She holds the key to an answer in her hand where a live flame burns. My job is to determine how to claim it in my life.

I asked a friend for some help interpreting this two cards and she pulled an addition card for clarity. Temperance appeared. Blending, merging, forging and balancing are key gifts. She reminds me that I need to work on blending my needs and interests with family obligations and responsibilities. Again, my response is a bit of “no shit Sherlock” but I keep getting these kinds of messages so obviously I’m still not getting it.

All Hallows Temperance

I drew Temperance from the All Hallows deck and the woman stands between an angelic figure and a demonic one. She holds a silver chalice in one hand and a golden one in the other. Her hair is a multitude of hues and a ying-yang pendant adorns her neck. She embodies the concept of incorporating, merging and blending energies. She has found a way to express her true nature without going overboard. That is my challenge. Stay tuned for further developments.

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