What can’t I see through the clouds and rain? What is hidden from me right now? The Sun R + Page of Rods (Old Path)

Old Path Sun Old Path Page of Rods

How ironic – The Sun is hidden from me on a cloudy day.  That makes sense.  Of course I’m not referring to what I literally cannot see right now.  On a figurative, spiritual level I think The Sun reversed is telling me that what I cannot see in y life right now is a chance to shine; my turn in the sun.  I can’t see how I can gain recognition and the adulation and admiration of others (yes, it may be rather shallow but I’m being honest about it).  I am by nature a solar creature.  I’ve always identified more with the sun’s energies than with the moons (although I do prefer nighttime to daytime).

When I was younger and familiar only with Greco-Roman myths, I described myself as a “father’s daughter” type because that was the only paradigm I knew.  As I learned more about other pantheons and find myself establishing relationships with Irish and Norse deities, I came to realize the sun is see as feminine in these cultures.  That makes more sense to me.  In generations past the mother did not leave the children.  She was a constant presence in their lives, like the sun.  The father was the one who would go off – to hunt, to work, to war.  His presence was more intangible and less clearly defined.  His energies and influences more vague and nebulous like the moon’s.  The father was and could be the light that made us feel safe in the dark while the mother was the brilliant radiance and warmth that surrounded us with constant love.  It’s funny, despite my past issues in my relationship with my mother I always knew she loved me and wanted me to succeed.

The Page of Rods symbolizes me and how I need to find new ways to express my fiery, creative energy.  I think he is the solution to the cloudy sunshine in my life.  He is showing me that I need to re-learn how to feel validated and successful.  I cannot count on being recognized by external sources so I need to find internal ways to fulfill that need.  He’s reminding me that I need to continue on this path even when I’m not sure I’ll find what I seek.  If I give up now I’ll never find the answers I seek.


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