What do I need to listen to right now? The World R + The Close (Old Path)

Old Path World Old Path The Close

The World reversed is a puzzlement to me.  The image shows a nude woman holding her breasts while a spray of stars spurts out to nourish all the life around her.  She is framed by a mantle of deep blue and stars, the symbols of the four elements decorate the corners.  She is pale and luminous; her coloring the pale reflective light of the moon.

The Close (or Death) displays various symbols of death and transition – the Grim Reaper, an owl, a death’s head moth even an infant.  Combined they offer the message that change is inevitable no matter how hard we resist.

Looking at the two of these together I am struck by the fact that The World reversed suggests that my role as the nurturer and being “the world” to two family members may be reaching an end.  I’m not sure if The Close refers to a literal or figurative ending (time will tell) but what I do realize is that it’s also suggesting a change in mindset.

Reality is that no matter how dependent the in-laws may be on me, I’m not their world and don’t want to be.  In fact I don’t ever want to be the world to anyone.  It’s much too stressful to have someone rely on me that much..  It might be time for me to start considering options and planning for changes.  As much as I hate change, I also realize it’s an inevitable as the dawn.

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