What message do the extraterrestrials bring? 10 of Water R + Elemental of Fire R (BoS As Above)

BoS As Above 10 of Water BoS As Above Elemental of Fire

Looking at the image of Hecate Trevia standing beneath an eclipsed moon, the song Black Hole Sun began playing in my head.  I got the sense that the extraterrestrials bring us a message from the dark side, the otherworld.  This card reinforce my belief that they serve the Dark Goddesses.  They bring messages from the dark world to the light.  This card also connects to Mabon, which I drew on Monday, because Hecate plays a role in the drama of Persephone and Demeter.  She is one of the Greek goddesses associated with the Otherworld.  She traverses the road between the worlds and can provide a bridge.  The torches she carries suggest that she can light the path through the darkness if we are wise enough to listen.

The Elemental of Fire shows a salamander winding along a path surrounded by lit torches or candles.  Again I get the sense of elemental energies that can help us navigate the pathways between our world and the Otherworld if we are wise enough to follow.  This salamander appears almost friendly as he walks towards us.  He is unafraid of the fire because he is of the fire just as he is unafraid of the Dark world because that is his native land.  If we fear the unknown, he can help us find our way through this dark land.

The fact that both these cards are reversed suggests that the extraterrestrials are growing tired with out refusal to listen and heed their message.  We may exist in different dimensions but our actions impact their world too.  They may not be able to directly influence us but they may be trying to warn us about potentially catastrophic consequences if we continue on this path.  Hecate offers us choices – there are three paths beneath the eclipsed moon/black hole sun.  Which path we take is up to us but she can help illuminate some of the consequences that will result from each choice, if we are willing to listen.

I also got a sense the Elemental of Fire can be quite dangerous if provoked.  I can’t say why but the image of volcanic eruptions flashed across my brain when thought about the reversed nature of this card.  He is trying to help us avoid such a fate but if we continue down this path the results might prove disastrous.

On another level, if I consider the more traditional meanings of these cards the extraterrestrials are trying to tell us that we are not one big happy family.  The relationship between our world and theirs is strained and in danger.  The Elemental of Fire may be showing that our immature attitude towards the energies we explore may prove dangerous.  Sometimes we become so wrapped up in the quest for knowledge we fail to see the potential negative consequences.  I think these cards are reminding us we need to maintain a healthy relationship with other creatures who share this planet (even those in alternate dimensions).  We also need to be more responsible in our approach to energy, creativity and ideas.  Before unleashing them on the world we should consider the potential dangers and consequences.  Of course we don’t necessarily need extraterrestrials to tell us this.

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