What if we ignore the extraterrestrials’ message? 2 of Water R + Elemental of Air (BoS As Above)

BoS As Above 2 of Cups BoS As Above Elemental of Air

2 of Water shows a couple staring at each other over chalices (the couple is actually Aphrodite and Eros which is a bit disturbing as they are mother & son).  The appear to be gazing at each other, into each other’s eyes, while doves flutter overhead.  Being reversed I think this card’s answer to my question is that if we ignore the messages the extraterrestrials bring we are eventually going to damage the relationship beyond repair.  Right now they may be forgiving because we have not been capable of grasping it but their tolerance may soon reach an end.

The Elemental of Air suggests two things to me.  The first is that if we ignore their message, the extraterrestrials will try different ways of communicating with us, ways which may not be pleasant.  I get the sense that direct communication with us is not easily done so they rely on dreams, divination and other indirect means.  Even if they have kidnapped humans they rarely leave clear evidence.  The abductee is left feeling unsure exactly what happened.

The imagery of the Elemental of Air gave me a different sense.  I was reminded of Storm from Marvel’s X-Men.  She is a mutant who can control wind and weather.  Although this winged elemental seems non-threatening, I get the sense that she is capable of becoming quite fierce should the need arise.  If alternate methods of communication fail to achieve the desired result, the otherworld and elementals might take more drastic action to gain our attention.  Perhaps that is already going on with some of the weather we’ve been having lately.

I don’t necessarily see this reading as indicating disaster if we ignore the extraterrestrials message but I do believe it will make things uncomfortable and awkward.  I believe they are trying to save us and themselves and they aren’t giving up yet.   Perhaps the real danger is not what the extraterrestrials will do to us if we don’t listen, it is what we will do to ourselves.  I don’t perceive the extraterrestrials as being intentionally dangerous to humans.  However there are often unintended consequences in life.  The real problem is that if we don’t heed what they are trying to tell us, we may self-destruct and take them with us.  They appear to be tied into our reality without having much ability to directly influence it.  Geez, that must be frustrating.  Let’s hope we learn some lessons and hear their message before it’s too late.

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