Whom do extraterrestrials serve? What is their purpose? Omens/Warnings (The Tower) R + Crone of Water R (BoS As Above)

BoS As Above Omens BoS As Above Crone of Water

Hmm, these cards suggest a hidden, slightly darker answer to the question than I anticipated.  Is their purpose to warn humans and gift us with omens about potential catastrophes?  Or are they the bringers of these disasters?  A claim could certainly be made that some encounters with these otherworldly beings can devastate those who experience them.  Is this due to human fear of the unknown or malevolent intent on the part of the extraterrestrial?

The Crone of Water seems like a somewhat harsh, world-weary persona.  She holds a bottle in her hands that may hold a healing draught or may hold sometimes toxic.  Based on her expression it’s hard to determine.  Perhaps the draught can be both depending upon the intent of the drinker.  Is is she whom the extraterrestrials serve?  Perhaps, like their lady, the extraterrestrials offer salvation or damnation to humanity depending upon how we interact with them and use their gifts.

I don’t fully comprehend the message of these two cards just yet and I don’t know that I’m meant to either.  I think this is going to be an interesting area to explore in other Tarot readings throughout the week.  On some level I don’t want to spoil the anticipation.  I’m curious to see what additional insights turn up about this topic.

Right now I get the sense that these extraterrestrials serve the Dark Mother, the hidden lady who energies are initially seen as negative but are eventually revealed to be a boon.  Very much like the experience portrayed on the Omens card, sometimes the damage we fear and try to prevent proves to be life enhancing, essential and revelatory.

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