Scrubbing and cleaning is well and good but it doesn’t need to be overly harsh – Strength R + Queen of Wands R (Housewives)

Housewives Strength Housewives Queen of Wands

Me, me, me – it’s all about me.  Well what I really mean is that it’s about the deepest me, the spiritual me.  Strength is my Sun sign card and the Queen of Wands has always felt like the Queen that is the truest me (I’m a Leo sun sign).  As both these bad boys are reversed today I’m taking that to mean I need to tone down their energies a bit.  Both of these cards can sometimes be very assertive, energetic and even exhausting.  Or perhaps the message here is that I’ve been channeling the energies of these cards at a high level lately and it might be good to relax a bit.

It’s funny that the image on Strength is a box of Scribbo pads – the ultimate abrasive cleaner.  In some respects I think that describes one of my approaches to life.  Sometimes I’m an abrasive cleaner, especially if I think someone is being disingenuous.  One of my pet peeves (actually it may rise to the level of compulsion) is hypocrisy.  I cannot abide it in myself or in anyone else.  I have been known to scour away at the veneers and layers of falseness to get to the truth underneath.  Needless to say this can sometimes make me quite unpopular with family and friends.  I suppose my good qualities outweigh this one because most do stay on good terms with me.

The Queen of Wands reinforces this  abrasive cleaner aspect in my personality.  She does not suffer fools and does not have enough tact to hide that fact.  She wields the scepter/broom that beats you into submission or sweeps away the bullshit, if necessary.  She almost appears to be challenging you to join her if you dare.

To me, the reversed nature of both these cards tells me that I have a two fold message.  On one level I need to do some scrubbing, cleaning and sweeping in my own life.  It’s part of my continuing journey to clear away what doesn’t serve me anymore.  I think I’m doing well but now is not the time to give up.  On another level I think both these cards are reminding me that I can be a bit kinder and gentler about it – especially with others.  Now is a time for welcoming in and enjoying rather than scrubbing away and baring it all.

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