I am whatever I say I am (as long as I do the work) – Knight of Pentacles R + 3 of Pentacles R (Housewives)

Housewives Knight of PentaclesHousewives 3 of Pentacles

The first thing that struck me about both these cards is the figures on them being engaged in physical labor.  What it brought to my mind is that kind of drudge work that no one really appreciates but which must be done to keep up the home or the car or one’s life.  It’s work that we have to do for ourselves not because it will garner praise from others.

This ties in perfectly with inner work that I’ve done recently.  I’ve become a SARK fan over the last few months.  Her breezy, irreverent and fun approach to things appeals to me.  A recent blog post detailed her journeys through magical manifestation.  I LOVED it!!  Her approach is so simple it’s almost amazing – act as if.  She describes how she and a few intrepid fellow adventurers began meeting for lunches during which they each described their lives as they wanted them to be (I’m simplifying a bit – you can see the original post here).  SARK eventually realized that all of them had manifested their wishful thoughts.

So I decided to give this a try with a few friends.  We can’t always manage to meet for lunch so we’re going to use email, instant messages and phone calls to do it.  So far I’ve written one magical manifestation exercise and it was fun.  I realized that sometimes just acting as if you’ve already achieved something can make it easier to manifest.

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry is able to produce a powerful Patronus charm and protect Sirius Black and himself from the Dementors because he had already seen himself do it.  He knew he could do it so he was able to accomplish it.  In Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder/Peter Ostrum movie), Charlie finds the Golden Ticket because he believes he will.  In his deepest soul he is sure that he is meant to find one and he does.

Sometimes it so easy to fall into the pattern of focusing why I can’t accomplish things that I undermine myself.  This Magical Manifestation approach avoids all that because it focuses me on what I’ve done.  If I focus on actually doing what I already know I can do, then it will happen.  It’s magical work at its most basic.  And these cards are the reminder that most of the work I need to do to manifest these miracles in my life is within myself, behind the scenes as it were.  It doesn’t need to be shown to the world because the important piece of the puzzle is the outcome.  I’m now convinced the outcome of this exercise in magical manifesting will produce miraculous results.  To paraphrase Eminem, “I am whatever I say I am.’

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