Readers’ Studio 2013

I departed Readers’ Studio a little over 12 hours ago and I am still processing all the wonderful information, experiences and moments I enjoyed.

There are lots of other blogs out there that have detailed the specifics of each day’s events.  So instead of focusing on that, I’ll share some of my highlights from Readers Studio 2013 (the 11th such even hosted by The Tarot School).

  • “A-ha moments” ranging from realizing that one of my biggest stumbling blocks to become a successful professional Tarot reader is that I don’t see myself as a successful, professional Tarot reader
  • Doing a foundation reading with Nancy Antenucci
  • Laughing until my sides hurt at various moments (usually accompanied by my companion in crime Ellen-Mary aka Coneflower Tarot.  I believe we managed to corrupt quite a few intrepid souls at this Readers’ Studio and thus have swelled the ranks of the Bad Girls’ Club.
  • Managing to swap decks and bags in a way that allowed me to acquire two new decks that I wanted and 3 new bags
  • Winning a print of Strength from Rachel Paul’s Dark Carnival Tarot (and of course I then had to have a copy of the deck – weird appealing and darkly quirky)
  • Rachel Pollack, who is a generous, warm and wonderful human being and the creator of amazingly powerful necklaces.
  • Seeing sneak peaks of some upcoming Llewellyn releases including the brilliant Illuminati, the intriguing So Below and the eye-popping Tarot 3-D thanks to the beauteous and generous Barbara Moore.
  • Wonderful giggly midnight girl chats with my favorite Readers’ Studio roommate – Sasha Graham.
  • All of the amazing instructors, our guides to some previously unexplored realms.
  • Those in-between moments when sharing ideas and experiences with other readers lead to profound and life-altering epiphanies.  These moments helped me find what might prove to be a new niche I can explores as a professional reader, techniques I hadn’t tried before and new decks that must now be added to the collection.
  • The magical, powerful and transformative energy raised when that many people of like minds come together to change the world for the better.

There are many more highlights that I’m sure I’m neglecting right now but the bottom line is that I came away from Readers’ Studio feeling energized, enthusiastic and eager to restart my Tarot practice.  That is why I always look forward to Readers’ Studio every year – it allows me to Sharpen my Saw (to borrow an idea from Stephen Covey)

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