COTD – 3 of Swords/Arrows (DruidCraft & Wildwood)


Usually this card is believed to represent betrayal and jealousy; having your heart pierced by something that causes you pain.  But today I had an epiphany and experienced a different aspect of this card.  The 3 of Swords can also represent sharp-tongued, quick-witted friendship.  Sometimes it can cause pain because true friends can sometimes be brutally honest.  And honesty is sometimes a painful reality to face.  On a positive note, quick-witted and sharp-tongued friends can be hysterically funny and refreshing to be around.

Today my mom, a friend and I went to lunch together.  We laughed the entire time – finding each other’s quick rejoinders and sharp-witted commentary appealing and funny.  We cracked wise-ass jokes and were occasionally vicious in our assessments of certain public figures and situations.  It was a blast!  Three kindred spirits able to fully express themselves because there was no judgment or taking to task.  No shocked expression or horrified gasps at any statement made or joke shared; just bouts of wicked laughter.

After rounds of hilarity, food and dessert, it hit me that our brilliant, piercing insights, our wicked, quick wits and our appreciation for each other’s company was the essence of this card for me today.  Friendship can certainly be a 3 of Cups moment but today it was a 3 of Swords moment.  And people the can appreciate your sense of humor and wits are rare and valuable.  They can help you cut through your own bullshit and appreciate it when you do the same for them.  Their comments and suggestions are targeting, insightful and sometimes a bit painful but they are never pointless.  Relationships like this are what you need when you are trying to plan how to move forward and implement your lifestyle.

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