COTD – King of Wands/Bows (DruidCraft & Wildwood)


Adders?  Okay, I don’t get why one would chose to use adders to represent the King of Bows but I can roll with it.  I am very unfamiliar with adders but looking at the slithering mass of them on this card I was not immediately given a warm and fuzzy feeling.  I don’t dislike snakes by any means but I would prefer not to wander on a nest of them either.  Apparently adders are venomous and found almost all over the world.  One fact I found fascinating is that adders can decide how much venom to release into a victim.  That could certainly be seen as a King of Wands quality.  According to the Wildwood book, adders engage in a battle for supremacy that can appear to be a mating ritual.  Snakes have often been associated with goddess worship, hidden knowledge, and cyclical changes.  Many (if not all) snakes shed their skin.  I can see that quality being connected with fiery energy.  Fire has a tendency to flare up and die down, bursting forth again just when we think it’s ready to go out.  Perhaps the adder is a reminder not to underestimate the power of the King of Wands.  He may be mature and experienced but he’s not worn out yet.  He still has some fight left in him and he has learned when it is appropriate to expend his energies in a cause.

I get that same sense of confidence and contained energy from the DruidCraft King of Wands.  He is poised to move into the fray when necessary but right now he is fine just where he is.  There is no need for him to exert himself just yet.  He may watch the youngsters struggle and waste their energy in unnecessary posturing and struggles but he is above all that.  He no longer needs to prove himself to anyone.  He is confident, powerful and strong and perfectly capable and willing to unleash that power and strength on enemies when the need arises.  He may occasionally flare up and lose his temper but over time he has learned to master his anger and channel it in ways that are more productive and beneficial to him and his people.

For myself, the King of Wands offers qualities to aspire to in myself.  His mastery and control over his temper and his ability to channel his energies into more productive routes are one I would do well to learn.  He knows how to pick his battles whereas I often find myself in a scattered energy phase – spewing random flashes of energy all over the place.  I need to learn to be prepared for battle without being quite so eager or courting it.  It might be to my benefit to master my anger and energy and passion instead of letting them master me.  I don’t need to lead the charge into the fray anymore.  Maybe I’d be more useful as an advisor and supervisor rather than a direct participant.  Something to consider at any rate.

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