The existence of Sasquatch/Yeti – believing in the unbelievable

The other day I was watching an In Search Of . . episode about the Yeti. It explored the legends of the Sherpas in the Himalayas as well as experiences of those who climbed Everest. One of the things that gets me with shows like that is the people who insist on concrete objective proof. I realize that it would be great if such evidence was available but on some level I like believing even if I don’t know for sure.

There is something magical and wondrous about believing there are still creatures in this world that we can’t explain or even prove exist. Sasquatch, Yeti, the Fauk “monster” – all share similar traits and physical characteristics. They are all humanoid and tend to avoid contact with humans. Most are described as being non-violent unless provoked. Are they real? Who knows? What is reality? What is real for some folks would be considered lies or myths to others. Some folks have no problem believing in the existence of an omnipotent deity but can’t believe in something like a Sasquatch.

I prefer to believe in the possibility and potential for unknown creatures to still exist on this Earth. I’m sure there are still unidentified creatures living at the bottom of the ocean or hidden in the remaining wilderness of a rain forest. Who knows what may yet be found beneath the ocean or a canopy of trees. Why can’t we accept that beings might live on this Earth which elude our scrutiny. It seems rather arrogant for humans to assume we have all the answers (and there are lots who do). I sometimes fall victim to this but I’m working on trusting in the Universe; in believing in mystical, mythical creatures. It makes the world so much more colorful and magical.

What are extraterrestrials? Mabon (Justice) + Elements (Magician) R (BoS As Above)

BoS As Above Mabon BoS As Above Elements

Okay, so I’ve been gorging myself on A&E and History Channels shows about UFOs and aliens.  I’m a fan of pretty much any conspiracy theory involving the government covering up visits by aliens.  At the same time I realize that in modern society, the prevalence of video cameras, smart phones and assorted other technology makes it unlikely these events would pass undocumented.  I’m also a huge fan of The Mothman Prophecies book and the assertions suggested by John Keel that creatures such as these may not be extraterrestrial at all but rather originate from a different dimension on Earth (at least I think that’s what he posited – it’s been a while since I’ve read the book.  Several years ago I also read Janet Bord’s book Fairies which points out that the same types of experiences that used to be connected with fairies are now associated with alien abduction.  Her suggestion is that the space age has transformed fairies into aliens but that they are essentially the same beings.

This made me wonder so I decided to ask the Tarot.  Today I simply asked “What are extraterrestrials?”  I received quite an interesting answer.  The cards I drew from the Book of Shadows As Above Tarot are Mabon (Justice in a traditional deck) crossed by Elements (The Magician) reversed.  The traditional meanings of these cards might offer some insight in this reading but what jumped out at me is the visuals.  Mabon shows Demeter sitting in the sunlit world while Persephone reaches out towards her from the darkness of the Underworld – both connected at a deep level yet unable to breach that divide in this moment.  I think this symbolizes the relationship humans have with these otherworldly beings.  We are the ones inhabiting the sunlit, above world while they exist in a hidden, shadowy underworld.  They can reach out to us and sometimes we can hear them but other times the road between the worlds cannot be traversed.

The image on Elements was even more striking because it doesn’t matter if it’s reversed, that simply changes which elemental symbols are on the top of the card.  Regardless of orientation two elements are reversed at any given time.  This struck me as a truly powerful message.  It suggested to me that extraterrestrials are not from another world but part of our own.  Their energies are simply different from human energies.  Perhaps they are elementals or have learned to use the elements in a different way to alter their reality and how we perceive them.

In my core I am convinced that these cards are telling me that what we call extraterrestrials are simply otherworldly (to us) children of the Earth.  They exist on a different plane of existence and sometimes we cross over into their realm and they into ours.  These beings are not necessarily superhuman but they possess different skills and powers to our own and can seem frighteningly inhuman to us.  Their priorities are different and sometimes we can communicate and reach an alliance.  Perhaps we are so wrapped up in the perceived reality of our above ground, sunlit world that we fail to even notice them in the dark, hidden spaces.  When we pay attention or when they feel the need, contact can be made.

I don’t necessarily think this invalidates the idea that life exists on other worlds.  In fact I think it’s arrogant of humans to assume Earth has the only life in the Universe.  However I do believe that many encounters with fairies, aliens, extraterrestrials (call it what you will) are in fact the result of encounters with these Otherworldly, Underworldly beings.  Or maybe I simply read too many fantasy, sci if and alien encounter books.