Tarot Truth Tyr’s Day: Challenge – Transformational Tarot

Transformational Challenge

Transformational Tarot
Created by Arnell Ando
Published by Ink Well Publishing
ISBN #0-9649386-3-4

The Book says: A time of challenge. Victory over obstacles. The first cycle complete and a new confidence is born out of this coming full circle. A desire to balance the left and right brain, the creative and the logical, and/or the physical and spiritual forces within. This card stands for progress, strong will taking action, self-discipline and inner direction. It can also suggest a struggle with a conflict of interests (such as, moving on or staying with the present situation).

TarotBroad’s Buzz: To me this card represents being willing to take on authority, defying conventional wisdom to find your own path. It is about being willing to take risks in order to stay true to yourself. It does have a somewhat adolescent energy – that absolute conviction, which borders on arroagance, that you are always right and that you will live forever. The belief that danger is really only a transient thing and charging forward in search of new and more exciting experiences. In my former job, I worked with a lot of teenagers. Some could be quite rude about their infallibility while others were a bit more tolerant because how can a grown up understand what they are going through. And as I watched them I realized that I might be able to slow their chariot down for a brief moment but I couldn’t stop it or change its course. I could only try to help pad the chariot so that if they crash it won’t be too devastating. But this phase is definitely part of growing up.

I still occasionally cringe when I hear my adolescent voice in my mind. It reeks with the assurance that I am so much smarter than anyone else in my life and that I am always right. Whew! I give my mother credit – I would have sold me to a pack of vagabonds if I were her. But the Chariot reminds us that sometimes we need to just ahead and shake up the status quo – otherwise we miss opportunities for growth and learning.

10 of Stones (Greenwood & Wildwood)


The sense I got from this card today is that it is important to focus on the home place and family issues.  The house at the center of the card has a road leading to it and a large tree (oak?) growing from its center.  This speaks to me on two levels – one is very basic and reminds us that the home is where the heart is and is at the center of our world.  The other is how many ancient cultures looked at trees – as pathways to connect with the Otherworld; with the gods, the spirits and even the dead.  The tree could often serve as a shamanic roadway that allowed the shaman to travel to the other worlds and work with those energies to serve his tribe.

So there is a two-fold message for me today.  The first is that I need to focus on my home and family life.  Finding a way to create a “happy family”.  Of course this is often easier said than done but the reality is that my  happiness is in my hands.  I may have to deal with challenges that are occasionally overwhelming and severely limit my options and freedom, but that doesn’t mean I have to let them make me miserable.  I also know that I need to focus some energies on getting my physical environment in some semblance or order.  The clutter and chaos is getting too disruptive.  I’ve been slowly but surely getting rid of books I no longer need and I’m sure there are other things around the house that can be released.

I also think this card is reinforcing messages I’ve previously received about reconnecting with and establishing some sort of spiritual practice.  Unfortunately I’m as observant a Druid as I was a Catholic.  That needs to change.  Perhaps I need to get my physical space in order first so that I can get my spiritual space to bloom and grow.