#TarotDaily – Dreamer of Wings Rx + King of Spirals Rx (Pholarchos)

She sat alone in the dark trying to connect with her dreams, saddened to realize they were lost. Instead of soaring high supported by exciting ideas and intriguing thoughts, her head was filled with to do lists, meetings and schedules. She was in a position of authority but felt stultified, stagnant. Her spark, her inspiration, her passion for what she did had been doused beneath the mantle of obligation and responsibility.

#TarotDaily – 2 of Sparks + Ace of Coral (#Pholarchos)

So, new deck and new approach. I got bored with the bullet point approach so I think these entries will be more stream of consciousness. Hopefully, some will find it interesting. 😉

The spark of attraction draws you together. The potential for passionate partnership offers hope for a new romantic relationship. Or maybe your creative energies will spark off each other and lead you into uncharted territory as far as pursuing your dreams.

Looking at the horses, I sense unharnessed power and strength. They are at rest so their energy is not expressed right now. The Ace of Coral senses that potential and dreams ways to tap that energy; intuits its best use and feels it coursing through her before channeling it and giving it direction.

#TarotDaily – 2 of Swords Rx + 7 of Cups (Guardian)

TarotHunter’s Salt Rounds:

  • You risk losing sight of what’s real in your life by clinging to illusions and false promises. Don’t lose yourself in a fantasy.
  • Listen to the advice given by trusted friends & family. It’s possible that what you’ve been focusing your energy on is more pipe dream than potential.
  • When was the last time you sat with yourself? Listened to your inner voice? Now might be good to focus on inner work rather than outer dreams. The dreams serve to distract you from where you truly need to focus.

What should I meditate on? – King of Cups R (Legacy of the Divine & Crone)


The Legacy of the Divine King of Cups shows a regal looking man dressed in regal deep turquoise robes holing a golden chalice.  He stands before a pool of water and is flanked by statues of seahorses.  I get the sense that he is offering me a draught from the pool before him and that he will help me learn how to process whatever I find after drinking the waters.  On the Tarot of the Crone card, which is called Shadow of Cups – Drowning, there is the outline of a female figure floating in the middle of a purple body of water.  She does not appear to be struggling or swimming, simple hanging there as if in mute acceptance of what is happening to her.

It is interesting that this is the second time in the past few days this card has appeared for me – once upright and once reversed.  So that tells me it is trying to give me a message which I haven’t fully comprehended yet.  I have been reading books about dreamwork and lucid dreaming.  I get the sense that this card is addressing that interest.  I think it’s offering me a message of support and encouragement; showing that I can dive into the waters of my unconscious without fear or dread.  For many years I have only remember dreams that were rather terrifying – such as being surrounded and overwhelmed by zombies.  I’m sure I have other dreams but remembering them has been tricky for me.

I’d like to pursue dreamwork further both from an internal, self-healing perspective and from a shamanic perspective.  I realize that I’ve ignored my shamanic work for a number of years and now might be the right time to pursue it further.  Dreamwork is a part of that exploration for me.  I think the King of Cups reversed is reminding me that I need to nurture, counsel and heal myself as well as trying to offer healing to others.  As the proverb says, “Physician, heal thyself”.  I think part of the healing process for me is diving deep into my unconscious, via dreamwork, and exploring what awaits.  The King of Cups is offering to be my companion, guide and protector on this journey.  And the Shadow of Cups is a reminder that sometimes in dreams it is better to surrender and see where it leads and what can be uncovered rather than struggle to free myself and end up awake and unaware.