#ComparativeTarot The Star (#DeviantMoon, #Transformational, #GoldenTarot, #RWS)

The Star is often interpreted as a card of hope, of darkness waning and returning light, of healing and positivity. When we consider how stars can light the darkest sky and bring a sense of wonder and curiosity, we can see those traits reflected in this card.

It’s interesting that three of the four cards I chose have an image of a female pouring fluid from a pitcher into a body of water. The fourth Star card offers a completely different image of a spider in a web dappled with stars. The images offer a sense of healing waters pouring into the pool; blessed fluid that can offer healing to all those who choose to drink. The spider in the web on the Transformational Tarot Star suggests that we should be tenacious and keep weaving our destiny even when things seem dark because hope is woven into the warp and weft of our lives. Even when it’s web has been destroyed, a spider will often rebuild it creating a beautiful work of art. There is strength and beauty in these images. They remind me of a mother sacrificing it all to continue nourishing and healing her children.

Despite the positive messages I can see in these Star cards, I can also see the negative. How long should someone pour their heart and soul into caring for others? How many times can we rebuild what has been destroyed by careless, thoughtless actions? When is enough enough? Of course, that is the beauty of Tarot cards, they can comfortable embody both these meanings as well as others and force us to face these issues head-on.

The rather bizarre image on the Deviant Moon Star card reminds me that even the most oddball, unfamiliar and even frightening creatures have the capacity to nurture and care for loved ones. It shows me that sometimes what is a monster to one person is another’s maternal figure. The spider on the Transformational Star card brings to mind Charlotte, the spider in Charlotte’s Web. She went out of her way to help and protect Wilbur the pig and in the end sacrifices her own life so that her children will thrive. She reminds us that this is the cycle of life and no matter how much we might wish it otherwise, everything needs to, and should, die. Perhaps the very transitory, fragile nature of a spider’s web and life is what makes them so beautiful.

The RWS and Golden Star cards show a nude woman pouring out healing waters. To me, they speak of needing to strip away all our illusions and delusions, rid ourselves of the trappings of “success”, the distractions with which we surround ourselves in order to avoid facing some truths. If we truly wish to heal, the Star shows us that we need to bare our souls and face the reality of who we are. It reminds me of Inanna’s journey into the underworld. She emerges stronger and with a deeper understanding of things but the process was humiliating and painful. The Star reminds me that this process will be beneficial and healing but no walk in the park.

Even though they use different imagery and I see different messages in them, these Star cards complement each other and add a layer to the overall meaning of this card. Just as nothing in life is all good or bad, all light or dark, no Tarot card is all positive or all negative. The Star offers a hopeful message of healing and light but getting to that place might lead us to the darkest recesses of our souls.

COTD – Wheel of Fortune (DruidCraft & Wildwood)


“Wheels in the sky keep on turning.  I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow” goes the lyric to a old Journey song.  And right now I can completely sympathize with this sentiment.  It seems as if things just keep changing and I have no idea where I fit in this new world order.  Of course the reality is life is change and the only thing we control is how we deal with those changes.  Unfortunately for me, change is something I tend to avoid like the plague.  I’ve had enough change and upheaval in my life.  Changes makes me feel uncertain and as though I’m not on solid ground.

The shirt on the loom of the Wildwood Wheel seems to be one with nature; woven of grass and feathers, it has an organic feel to it.  This speaks to me about the need to be one with your environment; see yourself as part of a bigger whole.  The figure on the DruidCraft Wheel seems to be carving out magical space; creating a circle within which she can safely perform her workings.  Each card offers a slightly different message – one seems to encourage becoming an integrating piece of the whole while the other suggests carving out your own space is important.  But are these two messages mutually exclusive?  Not at all.

It occurs to me the there is a time and a place for both approaches.  There are times when we need to be part of the community, integrated into the world around us and the community in which we live.  At other times we need to carve out time and space to do our own things; time to be on our own and explore our own interests.  This ties in beautifully with the overall message of the Wheel of Fortune.  There are cycles to life; ebbs and flows to the tides of our experiences.  Sometimes we are up, we are involved and we are extroverted.  Other times we are more introverted, more introspective and more desirous of solitude.

The reality is that change is inevitable.  We can’t stop change anymore than we can hold back the ocean or stop from aging.  The only thing we can control is how we handle these changes; how we go with the flow.  I have always had issues with water so I can sometimes be very resistant to going with the flow but I do love splashing at the beach.   I’m not quite as resistant to changes as I often claim but I am sometimes overwhelmed by the rapidness with which change occurs and there are certain changes I resist will all my might (and will probably continue to do so).  As long as I know my proclivities, I don’t think I’m causing myself any harm.  If I were oblivious to this stubborn resistance it might be a different situation but I am usually very aware of my quirks, and this is one of them.