What if we ignore the extraterrestrials’ message? 2 of Water R + Elemental of Air (BoS As Above)

BoS As Above 2 of Cups BoS As Above Elemental of Air

2 of Water shows a couple staring at each other over chalices (the couple is actually Aphrodite and Eros which is a bit disturbing as they are mother & son).  The appear to be gazing at each other, into each other’s eyes, while doves flutter overhead.  Being reversed I think this card’s answer to my question is that if we ignore the messages the extraterrestrials bring we are eventually going to damage the relationship beyond repair.  Right now they may be forgiving because we have not been capable of grasping it but their tolerance may soon reach an end.

The Elemental of Air suggests two things to me.  The first is that if we ignore their message, the extraterrestrials will try different ways of communicating with us, ways which may not be pleasant.  I get the sense that direct communication with us is not easily done so they rely on dreams, divination and other indirect means.  Even if they have kidnapped humans they rarely leave clear evidence.  The abductee is left feeling unsure exactly what happened.

The imagery of the Elemental of Air gave me a different sense.  I was reminded of Storm from Marvel’s X-Men.  She is a mutant who can control wind and weather.  Although this winged elemental seems non-threatening, I get the sense that she is capable of becoming quite fierce should the need arise.  If alternate methods of communication fail to achieve the desired result, the otherworld and elementals might take more drastic action to gain our attention.  Perhaps that is already going on with some of the weather we’ve been having lately.

I don’t necessarily see this reading as indicating disaster if we ignore the extraterrestrials message but I do believe it will make things uncomfortable and awkward.  I believe they are trying to save us and themselves and they aren’t giving up yet.   Perhaps the real danger is not what the extraterrestrials will do to us if we don’t listen, it is what we will do to ourselves.  I don’t perceive the extraterrestrials as being intentionally dangerous to humans.  However there are often unintended consequences in life.  The real problem is that if we don’t heed what they are trying to tell us, we may self-destruct and take them with us.  They appear to be tied into our reality without having much ability to directly influence it.  Geez, that must be frustrating.  Let’s hope we learn some lessons and hear their message before it’s too late.

How can I use these insights to help others? Imbolc (The Star) R + 9 of Fire R (BoS As Above)

BoS As Above 9 of FireBoS As Above Imbolc

Two more reversals – I’m batting 1,000 right now.  Today’s cards show two different yet powerful deities – Brigid and Pluto.  Of course it should make sense to me because both their energies are connected to the issue I’ve been exploring this week – healing old patterns and embracing healing and prosperity.

Looking at Imbolc I see Brigid kneeling at the waters edge adorned by her crown of lit candles.  Her right hand is scooping water out of a cauldron while her left is pouring water into the pool in which her leg is dipped.  A rabbit sits next to her and a sheep wanders in the field behind her.  In the distance the sky is just beginning to show the gorgeous sky blue pink hues of morning.

As a powerful goddess of inspiration, healing and snithcraft, Brigid even managed to survive Christianity destruction of Pagan gods and beliefs.  She transformed herself into St. Bridget – midwife to the Virgin Mary and foster mother to Jesus.  Imbolc is sacred to her as well as a celebration of the returning of the milk to the sheep. It’s a time to rejoice in the fact that the earth is finally begin to awaken.  There may still be snow on the ground but beneath this wintry blanket the land is slowly coming back to life.

Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld and wealth.  The companion book describes him as a surgeon that cuts away the dead tissue.  I see him as something of an initiator too.  He helps us face the darkness in ourselves so that we can move forward and bloom in new ways.  Only by cutting away the dead flesh, burning the dead wood, can we see new growth.  This card symbolizes those issues we know are looming ahead, the ones we keep trying to avoid but which eventually snare us.

In answer to my question, I think these cards are telling me that once I’ve healed myself from these past behavioral patterns and embrace abundance and prosperity, I can help others deal with similar issues.  This is a journey for me and not one I expect to finish any time soon.  It took me a long time to get this way so I anticipate it taking just as long to change those patterns.  Along the way perhaps I can share my experiences with others suffering from these issues and offer some guidance.  I don’t need to be the expert, simply the one who has gone before.

Why am I afraid of becoming this? 10 of Air + Ace of Water R (BoS As Above)

BoS As Above 10 of Air BoS As Above Ace of Water\

The image on the 10 of Air is wonderful – what a fabulously different interpretation of this card.  The Tarot reader sits with her cards arrayed before her as sylphs dance around her.  I can just hear them whispering in her ears; offering divine wisdom based on the cards drawn.  She seems quite calm and confident; not the least bit unsettled by these helpful winged creatures.  She has long grown use to receiving messages from the Universe and feeling the breath of divine messengers in her ears.

The Ace of Cups is an active, vigorous card.  Barbara Moore describes it as depicting the symbolic Wiccan Great Rite; the union of the athame and chalice, of male and female.  It shows the source of all life; the activation of potential, the divine spark combining with the primordial waters.  It offers the promise of a new psychic bond; a deeper intuitive connection to the life energies that surround us all.

So what’s to fear?  Oh please, that’s easy.  I’m afraid of becoming that woman; of representing that connection to the Universe for other people.  I’ve seen how some people can react when given a Tarot reading.  It becomes a prophecy written in stone.  No amount of explaining or warning can rid them of this conviction.  That is a huge responsibility.  I don’t take Tarot readings lightly, despite the sometimes fun, light-hearted approach I sometimes take.  I would not want to frighten a client with a negative reading.  Of course I’d like to hope that I’m a skilled and sensitive enough reader to avoid this.  I think it’s time to activate my Wonder Twin powers.

What undermines my healing? – Shadow of Disks + The Tower R (Crone)

Tarot of the Crone Shadow of Disks Tarot of the Crone Tower

I’m stuck in a barren, lifeless place; a monotonous and colorless landscape.  I feel as though all the juice has been sucked out of my life.  I am alone, isolated and dried up.  No water or vegetation is visible.  Yeah, I think that pretty much sums up how I feel about my life right now.  It’s a sun-bleached desert; a beige and barren wasteland.  And yet when I look closer there is some life visible.  An ant and spider manage to survive in this sere environment.  They remind me that there is always a way to survive and perhaps even thrive no matter how empty things may seem.

The Tower just pulses with energy – rage, anger, fury, call it what you want it reaches out of the card and slaps you in the face.  Looking at this card I’m reminded of the character Magdalene Sanger in a romance novel called A.K.A. Goddess.  Maggi is the latest in a long line of Grail Keepers dedicated to recovering and protecting the various grails that emerge throughout history.  At one point in the book she becomes furious about a situation releases a “Melusine scream” – a cry of rage, betrayal and unearthly power.  That is what I see when I look at this card.  It is the shriek that shatters reality as you know it.

In this case I think this shattered mask offers me a two-folk message.  On the one hand this is the Universe or perhaps The Morrigan shrieking at me in a raven’s caw telling me to cut the shit.  It’s time to face facts – I know the answer to this question but I’m not fully embracing it.  This image is also me.  It telling me that when I have decided enough is enough I have the power and ability to shatter the behaviors and attitudes that are preventing me from being as healthy as I can.  I can break free of those patterns and change them.  All I have to do is decide that I’ve had enough.

If I find myself trapped in a wasteland it’s because that’s all I’m allowing myself to see.  If I want to leave that landscape then I need to shatter the false beliefs and lazy habits that have caused me wander her in the first place.  It’s fairly simple to understand but not so easy to implement.

How can I best focus my energy today? – Crossroads R + 3 of Cups R (Crone)

Tarot of the Crone Crossroads Tarot of the Crone 3 of Cups

That both these cards are reversed tells me that this is a time to focus within and that this is an issue which I’ve already addressed in the past.  In other words I already know this answer and the Tarot is getting a bit tired of answering the same question unless I do something with the answer.

I think what I need to focus my energy on is why I’m not making the choices I know need to be made.  Why am I not taking the necessary steps to achieve the goals I desire?  I don’t even need to pull a card to answer that one – fear and laziness.  Not doing something is so much easier than actually doing it.  If I never try then I can never fail.  The two biggest areas in my life that exemplify this behavior are my lack of progress changing my eating patterns and with establishing myself as a professional Tarot reader.  I regularly proclaim that I wish to accomplish both these goals but do almost nothing to actually reach them.

The red hooded figure on the Crossroads card tells me there are choices to be made and I can’t keep hiding from them.  The red of her cloak reminds me of joy.  It is a bright, cheerful red that speaks to me of the possibilities for happiness that making these choices can manifest.

The two figures on the 3 of Cups are also garbed in shades of red.  They seem to resonate a sense of serenity and joy.  It’s as though they are in perfect harmony with each other and with their environment; a harmony which I’m denying myself.

Taken as a team, these two cards are telling me that before I can fully experience and manifest joy and happiness in my life I need to make some changes.  It’s time to make the hard choices and stop trying to hide from them.  It’s time to make choices that will bring joy, fulfillment and happiness into my life.  The reality is that not making a choice is still a choice.  Why take the passive route when I can be more assertive and fully participate in creating that joy in my life?

Honor vows made to yourself and remember even the strongest heroes accept aid – 9 of Water R + Strength R (Dark Goddess Tarot)

Dark Goddess 9 of Water Dark Goddess Strength

The 9 of Water shows the Lady of the Lake, she who gave Excalibur to King Arthur, beguiled Merlin and reared Lancelot du Lac.  She is both of the water and above the water.  Ellen describes her as the British Goddess of the Quest.  She is a key figure in many versions of the Arthurian legend and in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon the Lady of the Lake is a title born by the leading priestess who keeps the old ways at Avalon.

The Lady of the Lake may grant our heart’s desire but there is often a price that must be paid in return – a gift calls for a gift.  She is mysterious and in some ways beyond our understanding because she is not human.  She is fae, otherworldly and her priorities are not our own.  That does not mean she is to be feared but her power must be respected.  If we make a vow to her, it must be kept.

She is reversed for me which suggests that the vow I must keep is one I made to myself.  She is reminding me that the essence of my heart’s desire need to water my own heart.  How often we put ourselves out to help other achieve their dreams or hearts’ desires while we ignore our own.  It is so easy to put aside our dreams and desires because we aren’t important.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  I’m not sure but I’m certainly as guilty of it as many others (especially women)

Strength reversed reinforces her message of a few days ago – inner strength can become a trap when it prevents us from admitting we need assistance or can’t do something alone.  Even the wildest nature sometimes needs a harbor from the storm and might benefit from a helping hand.  I know I’m strong enough to endure whatever life tosses my way but who wants to endure?  I want to thrive and live my life to the fullest.  Perhaps that’s only truly possibly when one can admit no matter how strong we are, everyone can use support, sympathy and guidance.

Looking at the image of Somavila on this card I was struck by how pert she looks standing with her hands on her hips behind a large bear.  She is unafraid and even seem amused that we might fear the bear.  She knows its heart and is confident it will not harm her.  Perhaps she reminds me that knowing what is in my own heart will not harm me either.

The combined forces of these two ladies tell me that I need to work on keeping vows I made to myself.  They are important and vital to maintaining my wild, succulent juiciness (yes I’m a SARK fan).  I need to embrace those vows and let them help transform my life from one of endurance to one of exuberance.  They also remind me that even the greatest legendary heroes and heroines had help on their journeys.  There is no shame in seeking aid and guidance.  The shame is not availing yourself of what is available because of a false sense of pride.

To bring harmony and abundance into my life I need to face some harsh truths – 3 of Cups + Queen of Swords (Ghosts & Spirits)

Ghosts & Spirits Queen of Swords

Interesting.  The first reaction I had to these cards was that I’m haunted by my lack of a social life and it causes me to wail in sorrow.  Okay, that’s a bit melodramatic but not necessarily inaccurate.  I have friends but with the way my life is right now I don’t have much opportunity for socializing.  This does cause  me to gnash my teeth in frustration.  I feel so isolated and out of the loop that I’m starting to avoid people because I’m insecure and feeling as thought my social skills are atrophying.

Taking a peek at the LWB I see that Lisa Hunt interprets this card as symbolizing harmony and abundance.  That also fits into some of what haunts me right now – my life is not exactly overflowing with harmony and abundance.  In fact quite often I feel very much like the banshee on the Queen of Swords – shrieking and wailing in sorrow.

However I cannot focus on the darkness for very long.  I know it exists and I do enjoy the occasional wallow in it but (much to my surprise) I seem to have a very strong optimistic streak in my makeup.  That means I try to put the most positive spin on things I can.  Looking at these cards I can see their message can also be telling me that if I want to bring abundance and harmony into my life (so that it will stop haunting me) I need to use my wits and listen to the truth.  It’s time to stop hoping and dreaming and face the harsh truth.

The Banshee/Queen of Swords speak the truth and cuts through the bullshit no matter how painful that might prove.  There are several areas in my life right now that I know are not going to play out the way I would like.  If that’s the case then I need to make alternative plans otherwise I’ll continue to be haunted while harmony and abundance elude me.

It’s time to listen to that voice shrieking in my head and stop trapping myself in old patterns – Queen of Swords R + King of Wands R (Ghosts & Spirits)

Ghosts & Spirits Queen of SwordsGhosts & Spirits King of Wands

The Banshee and Herne – quite a combo.  Can you imagine if they dated?  Okay, seriously seeing these two cards together was a bit jarring but they also fit different aspects of my personality.  Sometimes I see the court cards as representing other people in my life but this time I believe their reversed natures symbolize aspects of myself.

The Queen of Swords (Banshee) is powerful and a bit frightening.  She wails at the impending death of loved ones and warns us that something unpleasant is coming.  She is a harbinger of truth, regardless of how harsh.  I can see this representing me – I have been known to wail unpleasant truths to people.  Reversed, she can also point out that I need to start listening to that voice telling me unpleasant truths in my head.  There are things  I “know” are in my best interests and yet I avoid them.  Common sense, logic and knowledge combine to tell me I need to make changes and yet I resist.  I duck the matter and continue on my unhealthy path.  She is my brain shrieking to me that if I don’t get off the “drugs” (i.e. unhealthy foods), I’m going to destroy myself.  Of course this sounds more melodramatic than it is but the reality is that current unhealthy decisions will have long-term impact on my health when I’m a senior and by then it will be too late to fix things.

The King of Wands reversed is showing that I’m letting myself get twisted up and held back by patterns, habits and my own over-intellectualizing.  I also get the sense that I’m constraining my creative side and holding myself back.  What might happen if I break free?  If I finally convince myself to do the things are know are best for me?  Why am I so scared to do that?  I have no idea.

For most of my life I think I’ve been a re-actor.  I define or model myself based on reactions to what is going on around me.  Unfortunately this often means that when I’m encouraged to do something I resist with all my might.  Tell me I can’t do and I have to prove you wrong.  Maybe I’m an early, undiagnosed case of Oppositional Defiance Disorder.  I don’t have the answers right now but some interesting questions have now come up and I need to consider them.

I can love my choices and keep my creative spark lit – The Lovers R + Ace of Wands (Spirit World)

Spirit World Lovers Spirit World Ace of Wands

Today I need to focus on the choices I’m making and how it impacts my energy and creativity.  It’s interesting to use this deck for this process because the Wands suit is associated with the lemures – the spirits of the restless, vengeful or malignant dead.  That doesn’t sound fun or enjoyable and at first it left me a bit stumped.  Then I thought about it a bit more and realized that creative energy can seem frightening.  It leaves us feeling charged and fiery but if we don’t have a sense of direction for that energy it can turn on us.  It can leave us feeling burnt out and frustrated.  That sounds the way I would expect a restless spirit to feel and certain could become malignant if it lingers too long.

So looking at these two cards today I see that I need to be more gentle with regards to the choices I make (the goddess hovering in the air above the lovers reminds me of Kwan Yin, a gentle, loving goddess).  I think it’s also reminding me that I need to find a way to live with the choices I’ve made without losing my creative energy and becoming a malignant spirit myself.

The key is accepting that I did make this choices.  I could have made other ones and my path would have taken me to a very different destination.  However I don’t know if I would have been happy with the person I became once I reached that destination.  I could have refused to help care for my in-laws; insisted that they be placed in facilities.  I could have refused to participate in caring for them and let my husband deal with it on his own.  I could have made several different decisions that would have dramatically changed this situation but would I still be me?  (Well of course I would be it would be a very different me.)

I seem to keep receiving this message (in slightly different forms) because I need to be reminded of this fact.  I don’t regret my decisions but I am human.  Sometimes I wish things turned out differently.  I wish I had more patience and different resent some of the sacrifices I’ve made.  I wish I could return to the lifestyle I had before – with the ability to splurge occasionally without worrying about the finances.  However at the end of the day I am happy with the choices I’ve made.

The key for me to stay healthy in body, mind & spirit is to remember that I need to find healthy outlets for my creative energy, my fiery nature and my restless spirit.  That is what can trip me up and lead me to becoming malignant and vengeful (or perhaps resentful and miserable).  Some days I’m better at this than others but I have to remember to keep up the fight.  I can’t allow circumstances to dampen my flame (or rather allow myself to douse my creative energy because of these circumstances).

Scrubbing and cleaning is well and good but it doesn’t need to be overly harsh – Strength R + Queen of Wands R (Housewives)

Housewives Strength Housewives Queen of Wands

Me, me, me – it’s all about me.  Well what I really mean is that it’s about the deepest me, the spiritual me.  Strength is my Sun sign card and the Queen of Wands has always felt like the Queen that is the truest me (I’m a Leo sun sign).  As both these bad boys are reversed today I’m taking that to mean I need to tone down their energies a bit.  Both of these cards can sometimes be very assertive, energetic and even exhausting.  Or perhaps the message here is that I’ve been channeling the energies of these cards at a high level lately and it might be good to relax a bit.

It’s funny that the image on Strength is a box of Scribbo pads – the ultimate abrasive cleaner.  In some respects I think that describes one of my approaches to life.  Sometimes I’m an abrasive cleaner, especially if I think someone is being disingenuous.  One of my pet peeves (actually it may rise to the level of compulsion) is hypocrisy.  I cannot abide it in myself or in anyone else.  I have been known to scour away at the veneers and layers of falseness to get to the truth underneath.  Needless to say this can sometimes make me quite unpopular with family and friends.  I suppose my good qualities outweigh this one because most do stay on good terms with me.

The Queen of Wands reinforces this  abrasive cleaner aspect in my personality.  She does not suffer fools and does not have enough tact to hide that fact.  She wields the scepter/broom that beats you into submission or sweeps away the bullshit, if necessary.  She almost appears to be challenging you to join her if you dare.

To me, the reversed nature of both these cards tells me that I have a two fold message.  On one level I need to do some scrubbing, cleaning and sweeping in my own life.  It’s part of my continuing journey to clear away what doesn’t serve me anymore.  I think I’m doing well but now is not the time to give up.  On another level I think both these cards are reminding me that I can be a bit kinder and gentler about it – especially with others.  Now is a time for welcoming in and enjoying rather than scrubbing away and baring it all.