#TarotDaily – Magician+ 6 of Wands Rx (Guardian)

TarotHunter’s Salt Rounds:

  • Knowledge is power and you are willing to use untraditional methods of gaining the knowledge you need. However, this has not always given you the sense of accomplishment and triumph you desire.
  • Your efforts to manifest your will and channel your energies into successful endeavors may not translate into external accolades. However, you’re okay with that. You don’t do it for recognition from others, you do it for personal satisfaction.
  • You enjoy finding new endeavors and techniques that make you feel successful. Your self-confidence and self-worth are fed from within and don’t need reinforcement from others. This helps you find the way to make will into reality. Don’t let possible disbelief or doubts by others undermine this.

Blue Rose Sun

Blue Rose Sun

Blue Rose Tarot
Created by Paula Gibby
Published by Soul Guidance

The Book says: Traditional meanings  – Principle of unity in spirit; experiencing a time of rekindled enthusiasm. Revitalizing something that has previously existed in your life. Joy, happiness and a great sense of the beauty of life. Clarity. Signifies the transit from the manifest light of this world to the light of the world to come. Law of radiance. Abundant joy.

TarotBroad’s Buzz: The young girl holding the pineapple gives a sense of the joy of youth and new possibilities. She holds the faceted pineapple and each facet can serve as a reminder of the potential and possibilities. She reminds us that each of us possess a crystal pineapple – with hundreds of possible opportunities to sparkle and shine. Maybe she is offering us a chance to explore new possibilities and expand our wings. The rainbows and sun shining overhead give a sense of joy, well-being and happiness.

The overwhelming message from this card is one of celebration and exuberance; a chance for a new start and new pathways to explore. But is also shows that once the sun has shone on our lives, there is no more room for self-deception and hiding from the truth. The sun shines its light into all corners of our lives, waking up whatever shadows may have survived our journey through the lunar landscape. And perhaps we first need to come to grips with our deep, intuitive and inner nature before we will be ready to enter the brilliance of the solar world. It will burn away whatever we need to drop by the wayside and release in order to continue our journey. Just as the sun can wither crops if it shines too brightly and too long, so it can wither things which we no longer need or use. This can be beneficial or negative, depending upon focus and needs. So, as Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm sang on the Flintstones, “open up your heart and let the sun shine in“.

Mansions of the Moon Sun

Mansions of the Moon Sun

Mansions of the Moon Tarot
ZADOK (dahogue@nctc.net)

The LWB says: The Sun represents the dynamic, vital energy of the true self. The symbolism of this energy is the inner child – that embodies innocence, enthusiasm, and joy.

TarotBroad’s Buzz: This card radiates energy and joy, exuberance and growth. The sense of joy the emanates from the horse and the flowers is almost palpable. This card reminds me of the song Here Comes the Sun, especially the line “it seems the ice is slowly melting. Little darling it seems like years since it’s been here” Perhaps the figures are celebrating the return of the sun after being held in the darkness of the lunar landscape. We have survived facing our inner shadow and grown more comfortable and confident with our intuitional nature. And now is our opportunity to celebrate this new sense of wholeness and integration.

Then again the sun can sometimes represents the face we show to the world – the mask we put on when dealing with others. If the moon is our inner selves the sun is our outer selves. In this card our outer self is having a marvelous time just celebrating being alive. We are like flowers reaching for the warming, nourishing rays of the sun. It also a reminder that after the darkness comes the light; after night comes the day. So no matter how dark or frightening our lunar experience may have we know a new day is dawning and we will have a chance to start over again. Of course sometimes the rays of the sun can be harsh too – revealing things we might prefer to remain hidden. But allowing things to remain in the darkness may prevent us from learning and growing. To me The Sun is a card of growth, radiance, new beginnings, illumination and joy.

Celtic Wisdom Protector

Celtic Wisdom Protector

Celtic Wisdom Tarot
Text by Caitlin Matthews, art by Olivia Raynor
Destiny Books, 1999
ISBN 0-89281-720-8

The Book says: The Protector shows Belenus on the right and Dis Pater on the left, with the chalk-hill figure of Epona, making a strong protector triad upon the hillside leading to the Otherworldly Plain of Delight. Belenus (The Shining One) gave his name to the festival of Beltane, or the “fires of Bel”, when May and the bright half of the year is celebrated. Dis Pater was the Father of the Ancestors, the one who welcomes the dead to the summerlands. The White Horse of Uffington in England shows the dynamic, liberating presence of Epona, who opens the door to the summerlands. An introduced tree, the Apple became immediately widespread and has an important place in folklore.
Keywords: Wholeness, happiness, attainment, success, simple joy and pleasures, devotion, fortunate meetings, gratitude for life, marriage, good health, openness, sincerity, safety after peril, contented circumstances.
Reversed: Hollowness, unhappiness, broken engagements or relationships, intolerance of shadows, such as inability to accept death, political correctness taken to extremes, no change to enjoy life, lack of fulfillment, maintaining the status quo.
Soul-Wisdom: Who are you in your true self?

TarotBroad’s Buzz: Looking at this card I sense its sizzling energy. The Sun is radiant and bursting with life, apples frame the solar face, swirling spirals appear in two spots and the white horse seems to be preparing to charge off the card. It zips and zings with radiance and energy. The figures on the card represent three different Celtic deities – Belenus, Dis Pater and Epona. I found this interesting because this card is composed predominantly of male imagery but the word for Sun in Gaelic is feminine. However there is no evidence that the Celts actually had a specifically solar deity. They had many deities whose names meant shining or light but they were not solar deities per se. Epona is considered a horse goddess and, like many Celtic goddesses associated with horses, may also be connected with sovereignty and solar energies (Rhiannon, Macha, etc.) but is not a Sun goddess. Epona also has the honor of being the only Celtic deity worshipped in Rome in her own right, without being merged with a Roman god first. She had her place in the sun.

Looking at this card, I see a supplicant honoring Epona beneath the rays of a benevolent sun. The supplicant is thanking his gods for all that is positive in his life and the blessings brought to his family. He understands the cycle of life and realizes that with the good comes the bad and that change is part of the natural order but he appreciates when things are going well for him and wishes to acknowledge and thank the gods. This card offers a sense of contentment and pleasure, being on a green hillside beneath the rays of the sun. It suggests the blessings of the gods upon the supplicant and upon the land and by extension upon us all. It reminds us to celebrate and embrace our moments in the sun, our time in the spotlight, because it will inevitably change some day.

COTD – 7 of Wands R (Dreams & Ferret)


The 7 of Wands – triumphantly defending yourself; holding off all attackers; confronting your problems; facing adversity; dealing with challenges. All of these terms can be applied to the 7 of Wands. It is a card of triumph over adversity, or at least being willing to attempt to triumph over adversity.  Wands are usually associated with the element of fire, inspiration, energy, passion, feeling, enterprise, ambition, matters pertaining to the “spark of life”, and action.  The number 7 in many cultures is a sacred number (think of the 7 chakras) and is the number of divine and earthly harmony, of fate and transformation.  The 7 of Wands often symbolizes standing up for what you believe in and defending your principles.

“You are experiencing who you are on a variety of levels.  You recognize that you are not just one self, you are many selves.  Now, you are being more flexible with ways that you name yourself.  It’s stimulating to imagine yourself as a variety of different people.  Others may not see your multiple selves but you enjoy them.” – Gail Fairfield

So I’m not fighting off outside forces, I’ve been resisting embracing who I really am or at least accepting that there are facets to me that I’ve previously preferred to avoid.  I guess the time has come for me to acknowledge and recognize that I do have a more nurturing, softer side.  This is very frightening to me and in the past I’ve fought off this knowledge with a determination and vehemence that was ferocious in its intensity.  I was like the stubborn child who covered her ears and closed her eyes all the while denying what was right in front of her.  And gods know I can be very stubborn and persistent in holding on to my views, especially when they concern me.

So maybe one of the lessons I have to learn at this point in my life is that I don’t need to only be a one-trick pony.  I can still be the smart and smart-ass me but I can be more as well.  I don’t need to fight off my softer side.  In fact doing so might be negatively impacting my creativity.  Maybe I need to tap into that side of myself in order to feed my creative spirit.  I’ve done the Swords things for a long time.  In fact there are days when I think I can do it in my sleep.  And I can manifest Wands energy with relative ease and little discomfort.  Cups energy has always made me suspicious.  Trusting my intuition, being emotionally open and supportive and listening to my inner voice has always seem fraught with peril for me.  I’ve fought off those softer emotions with every fiber of my being.  In my family they symbolized weakness and manipulation.  And I don’t ever want to be that way.

As I grow older I realize I don’t have to.  I can stop fighting this pointless fight and start embracing these aspects of myself.  I can be like the ferret in the Ferret 7 of Wands – celebrating and partying!  He has achieved his victory and now is the time to share the accomplishment with others.  That is something I’ve often avoided.  When I completed both my masters degrees I did not attend the graduation ceremony and no parties were held.  Maybe I need to learn to be less afraid to share my achievements and victories with others; to let them in instead of fighting to keep them at a distance.

At a class given by Rachel Pollack, I drew the 7 of Wands in response to a question about how I interact in personal relationships and this card made me realize that I’m very combative and try to keep people at a distance.  If I don’t let them within my personal perimeter then they can’t hurt me.  But it also means I can’t have deep, intimate friendships.  My husband managed to get beyond the perimeter because he is more persistent and tougher than I am.  And once he got inside, he convinced me to let my guard down.  I don’t want to force people to go through that just to become my friend.  I need to be willing to let down those defenses and be open to what can happen when I let other in.  Thankfully I’ve made some wonderful friends over the years who have also embodied this energy for me so I know it can be done.  I’m just a slow learner.