#TarotDaily – 3 of Cups Rx + 6 of Coins Rx (Grand Luxe)

Tarot Hunter’s Salt Rounds: Don’t let your joy and happiness be ruled by someone else’s financial control. You don’t have to have money to celebrate. Consider how your generosity, or lack thereof, impacts other people’s ability to enjoy their lives. Are you deliberately being controlling or are you oblivious? Despite popular misconceptions, finding oneself in…

#TarotCotD – 10 of Pentacles (World Spirit)

  Tarot Hunter’s Silver Bullets: Take time to enjoy what is in your life right now Appreciate family and the blessings you’ve been given It’s our loved ones and our experiences that enrich our lives, not the things we acquire

I am not the cynic I believe myself to be

Tonight, while sitting on the porch staring up at a deep blue canopy of stars, I found myself thinking about H.P. Lovecraft and his view of the Universe as a cold, distant, uncaring and even hostile place. I realized that while I may enjoy reading his eerily eldritch stories, I do not subscribe to this…

Dancing with my tribe – getting juicy at Readers’ Studio 2015

I am blessed! One week ago today I was eagerly sitting in a Tarot & Psychology workshop at the 2015 Readers Studio. I was reveling in the connection I felt to my tribe and wallowing in the good feelings and wonderful bonds created with my Tarot tribe. I cannot begin to describe how rejuvenating, restoring…

Tarot Truths Tyr’s Day – The Shaper (Celtic Wisdom Tarot)

Celtic Wisdom Tarot Text by Caitlin Matthews, art by Olivia Raynor Destiny Books, 1999 ISBN 0-89281-720-8 The Book says: The Shaper of Growth gives life to all that is. The Mothers maintain the fertility of the land, the life of its animals and people, and were often venerated as the guardians of the land’s sovereignty….