Karma – Transformational Tarot

Transformational Karma

Transformational Tarot
Created by by Arnell Ando
Published by US Games ISBN:1572815396

The Book says: Karma, fate, destiny . A new cycle of growth and self-awarenss begins. Evolution. A run of luck. The art of timing. Taking responsibility for one’s fate. Learning to go with the flow, realizing there is a reason for everything. An awareness of the laws of change, natural cycles, seasons and all circular patterns. In the reverse this card can mean a bad gamble, a temporary set back. It could denote stagnation or being stuck at a level of awareness with an inability to see things from other’s viewpoints.

TarotBroad’s Buzz: This card shows our connection to the natural order of life’s cycles. We may blithely play and run around in our lives with no conscious awareness of this connection, but we are connected nonetheless. And the labyrinth created by the snake is a simple path to follow, although it may get disorienting. It is not a maze, which leads us down blind paths. It is one way in and out. But in order to come back out we have to go deep within ourselves to find our answers. Karma also shows the interconnectedness between human creations (the sun dial) and nature’s (the snake). One does not need to obliterate the other. They can coexist in a peaceful, colorful pattern. In fact this card suggests that they do coexists whether we realize it or not. And our choice is to either celebrate and enjoy this collaboration, or to ignore and resist it. Personally I think the girl on the swing looks like she’s having fun going with the flow.

Mansions of the Moon Wheel of Fortune

Mansions of the Moon Wheel of Fortune

Mansions of the Moon Tarot
ZADOK (dahogue@nctc.net)

The Author says: Daily living affecting our bodies.

TarotBroad’s Buzz: This image is somewhat chaotic and confusing. At first my eye didn’t know where to focus. But once my eye was able to discern the different images it became a bit easier. The card reminds me of the need to center ourselves and not lose our focus – no matter how busy and crazy life becomes. There is so much going on around this figure that it would be easy for him to lose his center, but he seems to be resisting the temptation. The message of this Wheel of Fortune seems to be that we can accept that things change and life’s cycles continue with or without our consent. We can’t stop the progression of time and change. But what we can do is not allow it to become the focus of our existence. We can ride out the cycles and maintain our equilibrium. It may not be easy but it can be accomplished. It is about centering ourselves and focusing inward, not losing ourselves in the chaos that spins around us. Something about this card reminds me of a line from the song Across the Universe by George Harrison “nothing’s gonna change my world”. If we can accept that the nature of life is change and that we will experience cycles of ups and downs, then we can achieve this state. Because while the external factors in our lives may change – where we live, our jobs, relationships, we don’t have to change who we are inside.

Celtic Wisdom The Spinner

Celtic Wisdom Spinner

Celtic Wisdom Tarot
Text by Caitlin Matthews, art by Olivia Raynor
Destiny Books, 1999
ISBN 0-89281-720-8

The Book says: The Spinner shows the many-colored winds, which the Celtic peoples understood to have gifting qualities. The winds are under the aegis of the Ninefold Sisters, also called the Daughters of the Ocean or the Daughters at the Back of the North Wind. As the gifting mothers of destiny, their breath impels each of us to find our gifts and use them.
Keywords: Destiny, fate, cause and effect, new cycle, unexpected change for better, seizing opportunities, respect for larger picture, avoiding old patterns and mistakes.
Reversed: Struggling against personal bent, sequence of disruption or delay, setbacks, blaming, reaping what is sewn, failure to note signs of change, disregard of wider circumstances, repeating unhelpful patterns or mistakes.
SOUL-WISDOM: The Spinner of Growth blows seeds into their appointed dance. It is a wise person who tests the direction of the winds before acting. What patterns are unfolding in your life?

TarotBroad’s Buzz: This card reminds me of a psychedelic light that cycles patterns of different colors. There is a rhythm to it, a plan. We may not see it at first but it exists. It reminds me of the first time I realized that there is a pattern to a rainbow and it connects – purple is red + blue, then blue then green which is blue + yellow and so on. It was an amazing “click” moment for me, as though someone had lifted a veil and revealed something about the Universe’s plan to me. That is what I feel when I look at this image. The tree at the center of these amazing ribbons of color symbolizes life. After all trees were not only sacred to the Celts, they help create the atmosphere humans need to live on this planet. The connection between humans and plants/trees is an amazing symbiosis. Without them we will find it difficult to exist on this planet. But at the same time the tree reminds me of the cycles Earth has already gone through. As many are correct in pointing out – human life on Earth spans only a second of the overall life of this planet. Perhaps each colored stream represents one of the ages on earth – Pleistocene, Mesozoic, Jurassic, etc. Creatures die or transform and new ones take their place. Humans are only the latest result of this process. As difficult as it is for us to imagine, whether we exist or not the Earth will continue to life. That is the message The Spinner offers me. It is a gentle wake-up call. As self-important as humans might feel, we are not necessary for life on Earth to continue. Indeed some might argue that we are a danger to Earth’s continued existence. It also reminds me of the astrological ages. I can hear the words “this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius”. No one seems to agree on when that will actually be, but we can see the changes even now. People are beginning to question large, organized religions. They are exploring alternative paths or looking within themselves for spiritual truths. Just like those psychedelic lights (or even the lights adorning your Yule tree) there is a pattern to the colors and the cycling. We can recognize it and try to fit the pattern or not – that is our choice. But The Spinner is here to remind us that there is a pattern, there is a method to the madness. This can be a comfort of a constraint, depending upon your perspective.

Wheel of Change Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Change Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Change Tarot
created by Alexandra Gennetti
Published by Destiny Books, 1997
ISBN #0-89281-609-0

The Book says: In this version of the Wheel we see the planets of our solar system, with inner planets separated from the outer by the band of the wheel. The inner rocky planets represent all that is internal to us – our bodies, feelings, and perceptions – and the out planets embody the spirit and what is external to us: our common ground such as religion and law. The sun in the center is symbolic of the individual will and ego. The traditional planet associated with the Wheel of Fortune is the solar system’s largest: Jupiter. In astrology it represents expansiveness and higher learning and is said to bring good fortune to the individual when favorably placed in the chart. Jupiter is shown at the top of this card ( and in its natural ninth-house position), showing that its influence over the wheel is supreme. The influence of Saturn falling at the bottom of the wheel shows us the judgments we make about value and intrinsic worth in the world. Saturn is a symbol of our limited vision of our individual role in creating a new vision of the future. When the Wheel appears in a reading, it symbolizes a change in one’s individual fortunes. This is the simplest meaning of this card. Beyond this, the card indicates a time when your concerns are with yourself and your own fortunes and future. You are in a period of selfish development when your needs are primary, and you find it easier to fulfill your own needs than to cater to others. The Wheel of Fortune indicates that you find yourself drawn to practices that help you see the out world of nature mirrored inside yourself, such as Tarot and astrology. The Wheel of Fortune indicates and opportunity for self-understanding and self-growth through the mirror of the outer world.

TarotBroad’s Buzz: When I first saw this card my first reaction was that it looked like the Big Bang in action. The Sun’s radiant glory swirling out to embrace the Universe. Looking deeper I note the twelve spokes on the wheel symbolizing the years or the zodiac signs. The planets floating in space each exert their influence in our lives. This card reminds me that there is a cosmic plan in our lives – our horoscope might be one way to explain and examine this plan. I don’t see it as something which sets our every move in stone but more as a guideline, a roadmap or our options and possibilities. I remember a psychology teacher once telling me that humans are often born with the potential for something (we were discussing illnesses and behavior patterns) but he pointed out that our environment and what experiences we are exposed to will determine whether these predispositions manifest themselves. That is how I see our astrological charts. They are guideposts, potentials and possibilities but not our only options. This Wheel of Fortune reminds me of the song Circle of Life from The Lion King. In this image Jupiter’s influence is supreme and Saturn’s is waning. But we all know that eventually Saturn will have its return. Just as we know that Mercury will eventually go retrograde. But at the same time I see the Sun at the center of this marvelous cosmos representing us – after all aren’t we always the center of our own lives. Our radiance and light shines on all those around us, and we influence them as much as we are influenced by them. This Wheel of Fortune is a reminder that we are not alone when we goes through these cycles in our lives. There are others around us who can help guide us and assist us in handling these phases. And hopefully we will be there for them in turn. Maybe the Wheel is our plans, our goals and our dreams, with the influences of the Universe flowing underneath.

What love letter does the Universe have for me today? The Wheel of Fortune + King of Wands (Tarot of the Masters)

Taort of the Mastesr Wheel Tarot of the Masters King of Swords

I love this answer!  Things change, there are cycles to life and I’ll eventually be able to connect with my inner King of Wands – master of my own creativity and energy.  Sometimes I draw very smart ass responses from the Tarot and others I get a kind kiss.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds me that life is full of changes and cycles.  I’m often very clear about my resistance to change but in this instance I’ll make an exception.  I think I’ve been viewing the bottom of this wheel for several years now.  It would be nice to finally get a view from the top again.

The King of Wands seems a victorious and confident figure; one who attracts other with his charm and energy.  He can also be a bit pompous and full of himself but is willing to laugh at these foibles.  I think these are traits I possess too and this card suggests that as the cycle represented by the Wheel of Fortune changes perhaps I’ll find myself reconnecting to this energy once again.

I see the King of Wands as a externally focused figure.  His power is in his ability to interact with the world around him; to charm, persuade and lead those around him.  I’ve been so inwardly focused over the last few years, honing my skills as a nurturer and caregiver.  I think the King of Wands may be reminding me that I will eventually re-enter his realm so keeping those skills alive will prove beneficial.