A reversed journey through the Major Arcana part 2

The Hermit – After having our world turned upside down we might find ourselves in need of a retreat; to regroup. Instead of considering what we need to do to conquer the world, we ponder what will allow us to fulfill ourselves. We are still searching the darkness and trying to forge our own path through the darkness but now it’s the darkness within ourselves. We’re working towards finding truths in our soul that will allow us to lead a more fulfilling life moving ahead.

Strength reminds us that enacting these types of changes in our lives requires fortitude and inner strength; the need to stick with it especially when the going gets rough. This card reminds me of people who, after some dramatic shift in their career or life, manage to pick themselves back up and move forward again. It symbolizes those who find the inner fortitude to add a second act to their lives. The divorced woman who finds her passion in life again. The middle-aged man who discovers that he still has a lot to offer. Instead of letting themselves become defeated and miserable, they pull themselves up and find new meaning in their lives. They fight to find fulfillment and satisfaction.

The Chariot is our mode of transportation to get to that new place of fulfillment and satisfaction. Once we’ve made the decision and set the intention to find new meaning in our lives in Strength, we need to find the way to make it happen. We need to pick up the reins, grab the steering wheel and drive ourselves towards our new destination. We need to determine what route will serve us best and what speed we intend to travel. Do we want to take our time and enjoy some rest stops or do we want to get there as fast as we can? Either way, the decision and the choices are all on us. Do we believe this part of our lives has been fated? Is it our destiny to make this journey? Only you can decide that for yourself.

The Lovers reflect all the choices that still remain in our journey through life. I often like to view fate or destiny as a series of points on a map that we must experience – how we get there and how long the journey takes is up to us. I like to think it’s the combination of destined experiences and personal preferences that are reflected by the two different horses in this card. How & where we choose to steer them is on us.

The Hierophant shows us as we step into our role as mentors, lore keepers, historians. We have now reached a point in our lives when we can teach and guide others. We can show them the options available to them; share our stories. We can help open their eyes to the traditions and history that preceded them and allow them to determine who they might wish to incorporate this knowledge and wisdom into their own lives.

The Emperor is our journey to self-sovereignty. We no longer need to build an external empire, instead, we need to feel as though we are finally in charge of our own lives. We are the masters of our fate; the lords of all we survey. We no longer see success as an external measure but rather an internal one of personal satisfaction and fulfillment. It’s not about money and possessions, it’s about feelings of accomplishment and pride.

The Empress is when we finally learn how to nurture and embrace our true selves. We finally allow ourselves to explore our internal creative energy. Instead of feeling the need to focus on external objects or people, we aim it at ourselves. We tend and care for our own secret gardens and learn to feed our inner needs and desires. It doesn’t make us selfish but rather self-centered in the best possible way. Tending to ourselves allows us to replenish our resources and be there for others when the need arises.

The High Priestess guards the veil behind her. It is not something she parts lightly because one what awaits behind it is revealed, it can never be unknown again. When she pulls it aside we realize that what it hides is our true selves. We are finally ready to learn, accept and embrace who we truly are and were meant to be. We realize that we need to do things for ourselves; to nurture our souls not because they meet someone else’s need. In my experience, when the veil parted I was faced with my feral thirteen year old self – the part of me I’d tried (and failed) to civilize over the years. I was able to reconnect with that energy and unleash her into my life today. It was quite an amazing experience.

The Magician allows us to realize that (much like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz), the power to make things happen in our lives was in our hands the entire time. We are not dependent upon others to grant us power; we merely need to accept and grasp it. We often hear people talk about helping to empower others but the truth is we cannot do that. We can only help them understand that the power lies within them and only they can use it. That is what The Magician shows us at this point in our journey. Perhaps it’s near the end of the road but the message is no less valuable.

The Fool is our final stop. This is when we embrace all our foolish qualities and trust in the world again as we prepare to take that leap and move beyond this life into something new and unexpected. We are still leaping into the unknown but now all our knowledge and wisdom has combined to make us realize that we truly know nothing and the journey is always about the experiences and the learning. We have to believe that what awaits beyond is something new and exciting. Perhaps this is why so many of us believe in an afterlife – we want to believe we are leaping into something,  not just nothingness.

Tarot Truths Tyr’s Day: The Lovers – Blue Rose Tarot

Blue Rose Lovers

Blue Rose Tarot
Created by Paula Gibby
Published by Soul Guidance

The Book says: The union of ourselves with the spiritual. The attainment of perfect union. Divine oneness. Integration. Total Harmony. Total Oneness. Perfection. Union with your spiritual self. This is Eros and Psyche – representing the union of the material (mortal) with the spiritual (immortal).

TarotBroad’s Buzz: This card speaks to me of a transcendent and luminous blending of the divine and the human, or the spiritual and the physical of masculine and feminine. Eros is a god, an immortal who falls in love with Psyche, a mortal. But before their love can be acknowledged both must undergo a transformation which allows them to appreciate and work with each other’s unique energies. Once they are able to combine and blend their energies and make the decision to commit to this union, their love creates the vibrations symbolized by the lovely fractal behind them. This card just gives me a feeling of peace and harmony. It takes love beyond the brief pleasure of a romance novel or a passionate affair and raises it to the level of a divine harmony. These two figures are more than just temporary lovers – their joining and their love transcends such mortal concepts as time and space. They are soulmates in the truest sense of the word – one is incomplete without the other. Each half needs to other to survive. Without each other they are incomplete and cut off from something vital. Being too focused on the physical without honoring the spiritual often leads to abusive and addictive behaviors and a materialism and need for things to provide a fleeting sense of fulfillment. Focusing too much on the spiritual and ignoring the physical creates a false dichotomy that tries to ignore how important the physical is to achieving wholeness and touching the divine. I read a quote once (although I can’t remember who said it) that we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Connecting the physical and the spiritual is the only way to reach divine oneness and achieve perfect union.

Tarot Truths Tyr’s Day: The Lovers – Transformational Tarot

Transformational Lovers

Transformation Tarot
Created by by Arnell Ando
Published by US Games ISBN:1572815396

The Book says: A choice needing to be made that will change the course of the seeker’s life. A new love or a deeper commitment to a relationship after making an important decision. The art of relationship and the integration of opposites. It can also mean a struggle between spiritual devotion and physical desires.

TarotBroad’s Buzz: This card shows the various choices and options we face when it comes to love. There is romantic love, passionate love, sexual love, spiritual love, familial love and self-love. All carry different connotations and different responsibilities but all are choices we make. We always have options and possibilities. A wise friend once told me that we always have a choice; we may not like the choices offered but we always have choices. This can sometimes be a hard thing to swallow. How often do we paint ourselves the victim of the piece with statements like “there was nothing I could do about it” or “I couldn’t have made a difference” or “I can’t do it”. When the fact of the matter is that we are choosing to perpetuate these conditions. We have the same choices in love. We can choose to create relationships that are shallow and non-demanding, never satisfying our deeper need for love and understanding. Or we can create unhealthy relationships where abuse and arguments about, letting us be the drama queen in our lives and gaining sympathy from friends. Or we can choose to devote ourselves to a higher love – seeking to deepen our connection to the divine but having no love for the poor, miserable creatures that surround us. Or maybe we only love those we interact with on a daily basis, justifying our unconcern for those outside our realm of existence with an “us or them” mentality. And sometimes, if we’re very lucky and open to it, we find a love that transcends time and fills our soul with beauty and peace, a love that helps us feel our interconnectedness to all life, in this and all times. And it is this love which may enable us to save the world some day. In fact, having just watched A Beautiful Mind the message of The Lovers is even more apparent. It is through his wife’s love for him and his love for her that John Nash is able to control, if not conquer, his mental illness. And his ability to see patterns allows him to realize that love is what connects us all.

Tarot Truths Tyr’s Day: The Lovers – Mansions of the Moon Tarot

Mansions of the Moon Lovers

Mansions of the Moon
ZADOK (dahogue@nctc.net)

LWB – Adam, Eve, the Serpent, Lilith in the foreground with wild beast & the screech owl. The Book of Ezekiel, screeching is ancient Hebrew for the word Lillith.

TarotBroad’s Buzz: To me, this card just shrieks (sorry I couldn’t resist) of choices and of our connection to the Divine. The serpent is offering Adam & Eve to make one choice while the winged being seems to be trying to prevent them from accepting what the serpent if offering. There is temptation and distractions all around Adam & Eve but somehow they still manage to stay together. Their combined energies are the only thing that can help them make it through. Even if they make the wrong choice, their united powers can help them survive it. That is the key to this card – even if we lose our connection to the Divine, to the Universe, we can find it again through love and through combining our various energies to accomplish the task. This love doesn’t necessarily mean romantic love, it means loving ourselves and our world and our spirit enough to keep struggling along.

I think we have all suffered the consequences of poor choices. But we are able to overcome these mistakes by holding on to our faith in ourselves, by marshalling our forces and forging ahead. If we let ourselves get too bogged down mourning and berating ourselves for making the mistake then we lose sight of the fact that we are part of the divine and can never truly lose that connections. We are part of the divine tapestry of the Universe and even death does not destroy our thread, it merely changes it. So our spirit will endure and triumph. But how we conduct ourselves in this life are a direct result of our choices. If we choose to let ourselves lose sight of our Divine connection, then that is our decision. We cannot hold someone else responsible. It has always seemed to me that one of the flaws of Christian theology is holding Eve (and all women) responsible for the ills of humanity. We all have the free will and choice to let ourselves suffer for this belief. If we are able to give and receive love, to accept the responsibility and consequences for our actions and to believe that “we are stardust” then we can never lose our connection to the Divine.

Tarot Truths Tyr’s Day: The Lover – Celtic Wisdom Tarot

Celtic Wisdom Lover

Celtic Wisdom Tarot
Text by Caitlin Matthews, art by Olivia Raynor
Destiny Books, 1999 ISBN 0-89281-720-8

The Books says: In Celtic tradition, love and rivalry are closely combined: a fact that is echoed in most of its love stories, which tell of rival suitors fighting over one woman. Although some tell how the woman is carried off by the winner, in many stories it is the woman who makes the choice. Lovers throughout the world often have a clear image of the one they desire. In Celtic story, this is often depicted as one with hair as black as a raven, skin as white as snow, and lips as red as blood.
Keywords: Choice, attraction, desire love, friendship, healing, harmonious integration, emotional freedom, yearning, speculating over a range of possibilities, emotional entanglements.
Reversed: Poor choices, adolescent crushes, quarrels, choices affect health, poor communication, “pie in the sky” hopes, parental meddling or other interference in relationships.

My Turn: This card symbolizes making choices that will impact on our spiritual and emotional growth. It can refer to choosing between two suitors or between two paths. The woodland surrounding Nemetona reflects her connection with her surroundings and the rowan berries show that she realizes the magic inherent in being able to make that choice. This card is a reminder that no matter how hopeless or difficult a situation becomes we always have a choice. We can stay and keep things the same or we can leave and make a change. A friend of mine used to say that we always have two choices – we may not like those choices but we do have them and that gives us some control over the situation. The Lover card shows the power and magic present in having the ability to make that kind of choice and to select our path in life.

Tarot Truths Tyr’s Day: The Lovers – Wheel of Change Tarot

Wheel of Change Tarot
created by Alexandra Gennetti
Published by Destiny Books, 1997

The Book says: When the Lovers card appears in a reading, it indicates recognition of what is self and what is other in the context of a relationship. The card is a symbol of partnership and collaboration, but also of the division and isolation we sometimes feel in relationships. The Lovers represents any relationship in which the parties to the action are partially or wholly defined in the context of their interaction. For example, a buyer and seller can exist only in the relationship they form by their interaction; one cannot exist without the other, and the terms of sale become meaningless.

TarotBroad’s Buzz: This card reminds me of a yin-yang symbol – the combined forces of light and dark, of positive and negative. Both are separate yet together.

This does describe a successful, healthy relationship. Each partner should remain an individual while at the same time both are part of this new creation called “the relationship”. We have all seen relationships where one partner’s personality becomes subsumed by the other partner’s and by the relationship. They lose all sense of themselves, of being an individual. As a result if the relationship ends the partner becomes lost and unsure how to proceed. This card symbolizes the importance of keeping your integrity while still being able to blend your energies with that of someone else.

This Lovers card reminds me of how we are changed slightly depending upon the relationship we are in. There are different facets of ourselves revealed in a work relationship versus a family relationship versus a romantic relationship. We may all be slightly different people on this list than we would be on any other list. Something about the synergy between ourselves and the other partners in the relationship creates a different whole. The Lovers in this deck also reminds us of the importance of integrating the different aspects of ourselves to create a healthy and happy whole. We all have light and dark sides but if we ignore either of these aspects we create imbalance in our lives.

I am reminded of an episode of the classic Star Trek series when a transporter malfunction splits Captain Kirk into two distinctly different personalities. One is aggressive, violent and passionate, while the other is compassionate, calm and thoughtful. Over the course of the episode Kirk and the others come to realize that if these two aspects of his personality are not reintegrated, both with die. So no matter how ugly or repulsive the more aggressive persona might have seemed, without it Captain Kirk could not function as the commander of the Enterprise. This lesson is symbolized by this Lovers card. Light without dark, positive without negative creates an unhealthy situation. Even physics reminds us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Our goal is to learn to blend and explore these energies in a healthy, loving way.