#TarotCotD – 10 of Wands (Pearls of Wisdom)

TarotHunter’s Silver Bullets:

  • Although you carry a heavy load, the end is in sight and you are experiencing a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction in your endeavor
  • Don’t forget to unleash that bright, energetic light into the world.  Your radiance shouldn’t be denied to others.
  • Your fire has burned brightly and helped you find your way through dark times.  Now you can move on to a new creative endeavor, explore new experiences to utilize your energies and skills.  You are at a turning point in your life, use it to your best advantage.


2 thoughts on “#TarotCotD – 10 of Wands (Pearls of Wisdom)

  1. I like the way you put that. Making it about helping others is an effective way to inspire a person sometimes. It’s what got me to practice self-care, finally, in my mid-40’s. I heard someone say my kids would emulate that.

    Anyway…here is another one of those type of reminders in a different way, thanks.


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