Transformational Tarot – Reflection

Transformational Reflection


Transformational Tarot
Created by by Arnell Ando
Published by US Games ISBN:1572815396

The Book says: Reflection, meditation, a time for deep contemplation. Feeling the need to sacrifice oneself for a worthy cause, or for others. Spiritual awareness obtained by letting go of outdated patterns and beliefs. The ability to perceive things from opposing viewpoints. In it’s reversed this card can warn of a tendency towards co-dependency, self-denial, playing the victim or passive/aggressive power games for persona gain.

TarotBroad’s Buzz: I found this card intriguing. The message I immediately got from it is changing your perspective – one religion’s martyr is another’s demon. Reflection forces us to pause and thing about the polarity and divisiveness we live with daily. It also asks us to stop for a moment and think before we act. It calls on us to look at things from someone else’s perspective, to transform our view of the current situation. As we see when learning history, perspective alters whether an even is “good” or “bad”. Columbus’ “discovery” of America was good to Columbus but bad for the native population. Politicians who reinforce and support our beliefs are seen as good while those espousing different viewpoints can be seen as bad. But the reality is that both may have good and bad points.

Reflection is about those shades of gray with which I personally have so many problems. I hate having to make exceptions and go beyond very simplistic views of “right” and “wrong”. Reflection shows that life is never that simple. Good and evil, right and wrong, sinner and saint are relative terms and can vary according to where you stand and what you believe. So Reflections reminds us all that sometimes we need to turn our beliefs on upside down and see if they’re still useful and healthy. And it’s also a reminder not to rush forward but to stop a minute and reflect on our beliefs, our actions and our lives.

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