Mansions of the Moon Wheel of Fortune

Mansions of the Moon Wheel of Fortune

Mansions of the Moon Tarot

The Author says: Daily living affecting our bodies.

TarotBroad’s Buzz: This image is somewhat chaotic and confusing. At first my eye didn’t know where to focus. But once my eye was able to discern the different images it became a bit easier. The card reminds me of the need to center ourselves and not lose our focus – no matter how busy and crazy life becomes. There is so much going on around this figure that it would be easy for him to lose his center, but he seems to be resisting the temptation. The message of this Wheel of Fortune seems to be that we can accept that things change and life’s cycles continue with or without our consent. We can’t stop the progression of time and change. But what we can do is not allow it to become the focus of our existence. We can ride out the cycles and maintain our equilibrium. It may not be easy but it can be accomplished. It is about centering ourselves and focusing inward, not losing ourselves in the chaos that spins around us. Something about this card reminds me of a line from the song Across the Universe by George Harrison “nothing’s gonna change my world”. If we can accept that the nature of life is change and that we will experience cycles of ups and downs, then we can achieve this state. Because while the external factors in our lives may change – where we live, our jobs, relationships, we don’t have to change who we are inside.

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