Celtic Wisdom The Spinner

Celtic Wisdom Spinner

Celtic Wisdom Tarot
Text by Caitlin Matthews, art by Olivia Raynor
Destiny Books, 1999
ISBN 0-89281-720-8

The Book says: The Spinner shows the many-colored winds, which the Celtic peoples understood to have gifting qualities. The winds are under the aegis of the Ninefold Sisters, also called the Daughters of the Ocean or the Daughters at the Back of the North Wind. As the gifting mothers of destiny, their breath impels each of us to find our gifts and use them.
Keywords: Destiny, fate, cause and effect, new cycle, unexpected change for better, seizing opportunities, respect for larger picture, avoiding old patterns and mistakes.
Reversed: Struggling against personal bent, sequence of disruption or delay, setbacks, blaming, reaping what is sewn, failure to note signs of change, disregard of wider circumstances, repeating unhelpful patterns or mistakes.
SOUL-WISDOM: The Spinner of Growth blows seeds into their appointed dance. It is a wise person who tests the direction of the winds before acting. What patterns are unfolding in your life?

TarotBroad’s Buzz: This card reminds me of a psychedelic light that cycles patterns of different colors. There is a rhythm to it, a plan. We may not see it at first but it exists. It reminds me of the first time I realized that there is a pattern to a rainbow and it connects – purple is red + blue, then blue then green which is blue + yellow and so on. It was an amazing “click” moment for me, as though someone had lifted a veil and revealed something about the Universe’s plan to me. That is what I feel when I look at this image. The tree at the center of these amazing ribbons of color symbolizes life. After all trees were not only sacred to the Celts, they help create the atmosphere humans need to live on this planet. The connection between humans and plants/trees is an amazing symbiosis. Without them we will find it difficult to exist on this planet. But at the same time the tree reminds me of the cycles Earth has already gone through. As many are correct in pointing out – human life on Earth spans only a second of the overall life of this planet. Perhaps each colored stream represents one of the ages on earth – Pleistocene, Mesozoic, Jurassic, etc. Creatures die or transform and new ones take their place. Humans are only the latest result of this process. As difficult as it is for us to imagine, whether we exist or not the Earth will continue to life. That is the message The Spinner offers me. It is a gentle wake-up call. As self-important as humans might feel, we are not necessary for life on Earth to continue. Indeed some might argue that we are a danger to Earth’s continued existence. It also reminds me of the astrological ages. I can hear the words “this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius”. No one seems to agree on when that will actually be, but we can see the changes even now. People are beginning to question large, organized religions. They are exploring alternative paths or looking within themselves for spiritual truths. Just like those psychedelic lights (or even the lights adorning your Yule tree) there is a pattern to the colors and the cycling. We can recognize it and try to fit the pattern or not – that is our choice. But The Spinner is here to remind us that there is a pattern, there is a method to the madness. This can be a comfort of a constraint, depending upon your perspective.

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