Tarot Truths Tyr’s Day: The Lovers – Transformational Tarot

Transformational Lovers

Transformation Tarot
Created by by Arnell Ando
Published by US Games ISBN:1572815396

The Book says: A choice needing to be made that will change the course of the seeker’s life. A new love or a deeper commitment to a relationship after making an important decision. The art of relationship and the integration of opposites. It can also mean a struggle between spiritual devotion and physical desires.

TarotBroad’s Buzz: This card shows the various choices and options we face when it comes to love. There is romantic love, passionate love, sexual love, spiritual love, familial love and self-love. All carry different connotations and different responsibilities but all are choices we make. We always have options and possibilities. A wise friend once told me that we always have a choice; we may not like the choices offered but we always have choices. This can sometimes be a hard thing to swallow. How often do we paint ourselves the victim of the piece with statements like “there was nothing I could do about it” or “I couldn’t have made a difference” or “I can’t do it”. When the fact of the matter is that we are choosing to perpetuate these conditions. We have the same choices in love. We can choose to create relationships that are shallow and non-demanding, never satisfying our deeper need for love and understanding. Or we can create unhealthy relationships where abuse and arguments about, letting us be the drama queen in our lives and gaining sympathy from friends. Or we can choose to devote ourselves to a higher love – seeking to deepen our connection to the divine but having no love for the poor, miserable creatures that surround us. Or maybe we only love those we interact with on a daily basis, justifying our unconcern for those outside our realm of existence with an “us or them” mentality. And sometimes, if we’re very lucky and open to it, we find a love that transcends time and fills our soul with beauty and peace, a love that helps us feel our interconnectedness to all life, in this and all times. And it is this love which may enable us to save the world some day. In fact, having just watched A Beautiful Mind the message of The Lovers is even more apparent. It is through his wife’s love for him and his love for her that John Nash is able to control, if not conquer, his mental illness. And his ability to see patterns allows him to realize that love is what connects us all.

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