Tarot Truths Tyr’s Day: The Lovers – Mansions of the Moon Tarot

Mansions of the Moon Lovers

Mansions of the Moon
ZADOK (dahogue@nctc.net)

LWB – Adam, Eve, the Serpent, Lilith in the foreground with wild beast & the screech owl. The Book of Ezekiel, screeching is ancient Hebrew for the word Lillith.

TarotBroad’s Buzz: To me, this card just shrieks (sorry I couldn’t resist) of choices and of our connection to the Divine. The serpent is offering Adam & Eve to make one choice while the winged being seems to be trying to prevent them from accepting what the serpent if offering. There is temptation and distractions all around Adam & Eve but somehow they still manage to stay together. Their combined energies are the only thing that can help them make it through. Even if they make the wrong choice, their united powers can help them survive it. That is the key to this card – even if we lose our connection to the Divine, to the Universe, we can find it again through love and through combining our various energies to accomplish the task. This love doesn’t necessarily mean romantic love, it means loving ourselves and our world and our spirit enough to keep struggling along.

I think we have all suffered the consequences of poor choices. But we are able to overcome these mistakes by holding on to our faith in ourselves, by marshalling our forces and forging ahead. If we let ourselves get too bogged down mourning and berating ourselves for making the mistake then we lose sight of the fact that we are part of the divine and can never truly lose that connections. We are part of the divine tapestry of the Universe and even death does not destroy our thread, it merely changes it. So our spirit will endure and triumph. But how we conduct ourselves in this life are a direct result of our choices. If we choose to let ourselves lose sight of our Divine connection, then that is our decision. We cannot hold someone else responsible. It has always seemed to me that one of the flaws of Christian theology is holding Eve (and all women) responsible for the ills of humanity. We all have the free will and choice to let ourselves suffer for this belief. If we are able to give and receive love, to accept the responsibility and consequences for our actions and to believe that “we are stardust” then we can never lose our connection to the Divine.

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