The existence of Sasquatch/Yeti – believing in the unbelievable

The other day I was watching an In Search Of . . episode about the Yeti. It explored the legends of the Sherpas in the Himalayas as well as experiences of those who climbed Everest. One of the things that gets me with shows like that is the people who insist on concrete objective proof. I realize that it would be great if such evidence was available but on some level I like believing even if I don’t know for sure.

There is something magical and wondrous about believing there are still creatures in this world that we can’t explain or even prove exist. Sasquatch, Yeti, the Fauk “monster” – all share similar traits and physical characteristics. They are all humanoid and tend to avoid contact with humans. Most are described as being non-violent unless provoked. Are they real? Who knows? What is reality? What is real for some folks would be considered lies or myths to others. Some folks have no problem believing in the existence of an omnipotent deity but can’t believe in something like a Sasquatch.

I prefer to believe in the possibility and potential for unknown creatures to still exist on this Earth. I’m sure there are still unidentified creatures living at the bottom of the ocean or hidden in the remaining wilderness of a rain forest. Who knows what may yet be found beneath the ocean or a canopy of trees. Why can’t we accept that beings might live on this Earth which elude our scrutiny. It seems rather arrogant for humans to assume we have all the answers (and there are lots who do). I sometimes fall victim to this but I’m working on trusting in the Universe; in believing in mystical, mythical creatures. It makes the world so much more colorful and magical.

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