Thoughtful Thor’s Day: I seem to have misplaced my mojo

My mojo is gone. I don’t know where it went. Did I misplace it somewhere and it’s just sitting there awaiting my return? Did someone else snatch it away? Did it run away after feeling neglected for too long? I have no idea but I know that I’m going to work on finding it/re-acquiring it again.

Life without mojo is quite bland and boring. It’s rather colorless and unexciting. You make it through the day but I have to admit but sometimes I wonder “what’s the point?” I feel like Austin Powers when Dr. Evil stole his mojo – a reverse Frog Prince.

So what can I do to regain or reignite my mojo? Based on the readings I’ve been getting for myself, creativity is the key. That’s ironic simply because I’ve never considered myself an especially creative person. I’m a good student but that’s not the same thing.

Music helps. I find that putting on a great song and just moving around the house helps me feel better and seems to get my energies flowing. Great funky 70s songs like Boogie Wonderland and Fantasy help with that. I can’t listen to those songs and not feel the desire to move. Donna Summer and even the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack help gets things moving too. Maybe that’s the key – I’m too damn sedentary. I do things around the house but it’s not quite the same. I think I need to give myself 30 minutes every day to dance like a fool and get back in touch with my body. If that doesn’t re-ignite the mojo, nothing will.

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