Whiny Wednesday (or maybe that should be winey): How can I fight the grey gloomies? Queen of Cups (BB Cats)

Baroque Bohemian Cats Queen of Cups

So I need to listen to my heart, nurture my inner dreams and desires and allow myself to simply feel what I feel.  That should be easy.  Actually all smart-aleckyness aside, I think the Queen of Cups is reminding me that one way to chase away gloominess is to focus on things that bring me joy and make me happy.  It sounds rather easy and in reality it should be but sometimes the easy things are the ones we lose site of the most.

So what brings me joy?  Reading, cooking, fashion (or perhaps style is the more accurate term), dancing.  I’ve been focusing on my wardrobe. I desperately need to update it and it’s also time to release certain pieces I know I’ll never wear again (such as the two suits I bought when I thought I’d be pursuing a very different life path).  I want to simplify things and find a few good pieces that will last me rather than lots of cheap crap that wears out quickly.

I’ve also realized that some of the things I love (my Tarot decks) need some pruning.  I had manage to acquire a number of decks that are lovely to look at but with which I feel no connection.  I can admire their loveliness without being touched by it.  In some cases I never really connected with the deck and I’m finally admitting that and in other cases it’s just that my tastes have changed.  Regardless of why, I get a sense of freedom and lightness when I release these decks to the universe (or someone else who will love them).  I’m just too burdened down by stuff.  It’s time to unburden myself a bit at a time.

2 thoughts on “Whiny Wednesday (or maybe that should be winey): How can I fight the grey gloomies? Queen of Cups (BB Cats)

  1. decluttering is a great way of finding a sense of freedom and new opportunities. Maybe this queen is also allowing you to sit mindful with your gloomies; acknowledge them and let them go. Perhaps this is more helpful sometimes then to suppress them and do something “fun”


    • That’s another possible message the Queen of Cups is offering. I’m not one for avoiding or suppressing gloomies. In fact I’m quite comfortable with my occasional black moods. In this instance I think the gloomies are more a results of the weather and not being able to go outside than anything internal issues – hence the distraction technique. ;D


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