Tarot Truths Tyr’s Day: The Guardian (High Priestess) – Celtic Wisdom Tarot

Celtic Wisdom Guardian

Celtic Wisdom Tarot
Text by Caitlin Matthews, art by Olivia Raynor
Destiny Books, 1999 ISBN 0-89281-720-8

The Book says: This is the goddess Brigantia, the Mistress of Truth, the “High One”, who guards the land by truth, health, and creativity. The seer-priestess is from one of the pre-Christian sisterhoods whose insight guarded the ways between. What is the source of your truth?
Keywords: Wisdom, mystical vision, study and learning, spiritual protection, the inner life, fostering potential, dreams, intuitive insights, ethical values.
Reversed: Ignorance, surface knowledge, passivity, in thrall to illusions, values compromised, superstition.
Soul-Wisdom: The Guardian of Truth perpares the Soul to seek for truth hidden in all places. The seer unfolds the patterns of destiny to the Soul. What is the source of your truth?

TarotBroad’s Buzz: This card represents the quest for inner knowledge and guidance. It is not the solitary quest of the Hermit, but it is seek out the wisdom of the ancients that is available if one is willing to look. Brighid is triple Goddess of Healing, Inspiration and Creativity. But she does not offer these gifts to just anyone. You have to prove yourself worthy of her gifts. She helps those who help themselves. She will offer you comfort and protection, but you must also show her that you are willing to do the necessary work to be the recipient of her gifts. One of the things I’ve always loved about Brighid is that many of her stories show that she has a sense of humor, in fact sometimes a bawdy one. There is nothing quite so cool as a Goddess that enjoys a good time.

Just as the seer-priestess must make her way through the woods alone, so must we search for our inner truths and mystical visions on our own. The Guardian will protect you along the way, but she will not coddle you. After all this is that really cool aunt you loved visiting, not your Mom.

2 thoughts on “Tarot Truths Tyr’s Day: The Guardian (High Priestess) – Celtic Wisdom Tarot

    • It is a lovely deck. In fact it’s one of my favorites. I like the art and the integration of Tarot meanings and Celtic mythology. I also love the soul wisdom questions.


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