Changing seasons, swans and herons (Oh my!)

Ducks on the "canal" 2008

Today has been a day about aroma and scent.  I was entranced by the tantalizing aroma of fresh cut grass.  It’s been so long since I’ve appreciated that fragrance.  One of the problems of a never ending cold snap is that you forget what spring smells like.  Now we’re almost into summer and I haven’t been able to fully appreciate spring’s gifts.

As a child I could smell the arrival of Spring.  It usually occurred sometimes during the Easter break.  One day I would be standing outside and the promise of spring would tantalize my nose.  It was a crisp, warm kind of smell.  It held the promise of warmer days to come with a hint of sunshine.  It wasn’t the languorous warmth that summer breezes carried, but it was welcome and much  desired.  It offered the hope that the chilly winter would soon leave and things would begin getting warmer and brighter.

This year I thought those aromas would never present themselves.  The winter just seem determined to clench its fist around the days.  Even if there was one warm day it was followed by a gray, chilly one.  On days when the sun’s rays did warm us a tad we were soon enveloped by winter’s chill once again.  Even today, although I could smell the fresh cut grass and feel the rays of the sun, there was a chill in the air and a sweater was needed.
"Canal" of Greenwood Lake, NY 1998
I’ve always loved the changing of the seasons.  I may eventually grow tired of the heat and humidity or the cold and snow but I always love when they first arrive.  The seasons are the only change I actually like.  This year I actually feel as though I’ve been cheated of fully enjoying the changes because winter’s influence has held on for so long.
"Canal" of Greenwood Lake 2014
The one bright side is that we get visited by a heron (at least I think he’s a heron) sometimes on gray, cloudy days.  He’s ghostly and very difficult to see because he is so still and blends in so well with the surroundings.  Sometimes we don’t realize he’s there until he flies away.  There is something magical and spiritual about his visits.  They are special and both hubby and I love just standing there and watching him.  Hopefully now that the weather is warming up a bit it will bring more visits from this ethereal heron as well as the protective ducks and their ducklings and the threatening swans.  The swans are so lovely but they can be quite vigorous about defending their territory.  The first time I saw the gliding towards us hissing I was unnerved by their size and beat a hasty retreat.  When they take off they sound like jets.  It’s amazing.  I just want the weather to grow a bit warmer so I can enjoy these interactions once again.

The Heron

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