I’m baaack! The hiatus is over

Hello out there in the blogosphere.  I hope you folks haven’t forgotten me.

I finally got my head straight and have decided on a tentative new approach for my blog.  I’m moving away from simply posting my card of the day essays (they’ll still pop up but won’t be the primary focus of the blog).  I’m trying to commit to posting at least three times per week:

  • Tarot Truth Tyr’s Day will include Comparative Tarot essays for a different card each month from five decks (Celtic Wisdom, Transformational, Mansions of the Moon, Wheel of Change, and Blue Rose)
  • Thoughtful Thor’s Day will simply be posts on whatever random thoughts float across my mind that day
  • Shadow Side Saturday will focus on the darker aspects of life in general and my life in particular.  I might also include experiences and ideas based on any shadow work I’ve done in my life.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new focus and still find this blog useful, interesting and entertaining.  Please leave feedback and let me know what you think.


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