What am I refusing to let go of; what am I delaying or denying? Knight of Swords + King of Pentacles

BoS So Below Knight of Swords BoS So Below King of Pentacles

The images on these cards spoke to me.  The Knight of Swords shows a focused, somewhat intent blonde woman writing while sylphs dance about her.  I realize that her message to me is that I need to get back to writing.  When I was younger, writing was one of my passions in life.  A semester of English composition in college shook my faith in my writing skills and I fell away from it.  In recent years I have begun writing a bit by maintaining my blog but I’m beginning to realize that I need to write again.  It doesn’t have to be something I share with anyone else but I need to express myself.  I need to find a creative outlet and writing is that outlet for me.

The King of Pentacles is reminding me that I can have it all – personal satisfaction and prosperity, if I believe in myself and work to manifest it in my life.  I think it’s also showing that expressing my creative side is the key to achieving this prosperity.

These cards seem to be telling me that I need to let go of my resistance and fear.  I need to let go of the self-doubts that bubbled up during that English comp class and haven’t gone away.  I need to embrace writing for the sake of writing not for public approbation.  I need to do this for me.  Where it might lead is irrelevant.  What’s important is what it can do for me now.  Otherwise I’m denying myself a creative outlet and a sense of satisfaction and joy.

2 thoughts on “What am I refusing to let go of; what am I delaying or denying? Knight of Swords + King of Pentacles

  1. I have the same issues with my creativity. Always feeling insecure if what I write or draw is good enough. Just recently I’ve discovered that my main passion is writing. I can live without drawing/painting for weeks, but I have to write almost daily . If you’ve read the artist way by Julia Cameron. you are familiar with the morning pages. They are the best defense against your inner critic. If not please Google her. It is a life saving principle 🙂


    • I’m very familiar with Julia Cameron’s work. In fact I’ve started it several times and never quite manage to finish it. Either way her Morning Pages are a fabulous idea!

      Thanks for the feedback. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



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