What message does the snow bring? Queen of Swords R + 4 of Pentacles R (Hidden Realm)

Hidden Realms Queen of Swords

How odd that I drew these cards yesterday too.  I think they are telling me that the snow’s message is to slow down and stop trying to fight the inevitable.  I can’t do anything right now because weather and responsibilities are preventing me.  It might be more useful now to hunker down and just ride out the storm (and right now we’re getting hit with a doozy).

The expression on the Queen of Swords’ face makes me feel as though she’s looking right through me and saying “c’mon now, stop bullshitting yourself.”  She’s calling me on my interpretation yesterday that I yearned for nurturing.  The reality is that I am often conflicted about nurturing.  I often find myself wanting it desperately but then resisting when someone tries to offer it.  I can see myself now about 10 years old standing there with my arms wrapped around myself and struggling to get away when some relative tried to hug and kiss me.  In fact I can become rather nasty and aggressive (like a badger) when I feel my boundaries being violated.

Perhaps one of the things the snow brings me is the ability to avoid people and not feel bad about it.  I go through phases – sometimes I desperately want to go out, get away and hang out with friends.  Other times I don’t want to see anyone and prefer to hunker down in my snowy fortress of solitude.  Sometimes the longer my Hermit phase, the harder it is to break out of it.  That might be the reason I’m drawing a smirk from the Queen of Swords.

Hidden Realm Life Renewed
For some extra clarity I drew another card and got Life Renewed (Judgment).  Looking at this image I immediately got the message that although we’re still in winter’s hunker down mode, Spring will soon arrive.  The Earth will begin sprouting forth delicate green shoots and the air will slowly warm.  I think she’s also telling me that my life will change as well.  There will be a rebirth for me and an opportunity to make changes.  So for now I need to just hibernate and embrace the seasonal patterns of winter.  Spring will be here soon enough.

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