What is my bliss? The High Priestess R + Life Renewed (Hidden Realm)

Hidden Realm High Priestess Hidden Realm Life Renewed

I often hear the term “live your bliss” but I’ve never been too sure what that means.  Perhaps because for so much of my life my focus was on surviving and saving for a rainy day; making sure I had some resources so if the axe fell I’d be prepared.  Many of the jobs I’ve held over the years were interesting but didn’t require much from me on a deep level.  I needed to be effective and professional (and I was) but these were jobs not careers.  The one career I did have was the last one and I poured so much of myself into it that it consumed me.  Ultimately that made little difference once new management took over.  I was deemed expendable and terminated.

I’ve been considering where to focus my energies now.  There are different options I’m considering but I honestly could not say if they are “my bliss”.  So I decided to ask the cards.  I drew the High Priestess reversed and Life Renewed (aka Judgment).  Quite powerful cards.  I actually felt prickles along the back of my neck when I saw them.  I know it’s a powerful message but I’m not sure what it is right now.

Considering the High Priestess’ gestures and backdrop I get the sense she’s inviting me to join her in under the lunar light.  She guards the way and guides those deemed worthy to enter the sacred space.  She’s reversed here so I might be resisting the invitation or perhaps I’ve already received this invitation and this initiation is in the past but I haven’t actually done anything with it yet.  As I right this I realize the second option is more likely.  I’ve heeded the High Priestess’ call but once I entered the sacred space and acquired the hidden knowledge I didn’t do much with it.  Some of this is beyond my control but much of it is not.  There may be limitations to how I can put this wisdom to work but it’s still mine to share with others.

Life Renewed shows a small girl wearing a wreath of hawthorn flowers in her hair.  She holds out an acorn, a small gift with great potential.  Oh my goodness I can be so dense.  She is reminding me that no matter how small my steps right now they have the potential to grow.  Things may start slowly but if I trust my inner voice, my instincts, the sacred wisdom I have acquired, then I have to potential to grow it into a mighty oak.

Of course all this is well and good but what does it mean inter terms of my bliss?  I think these cards are reaffirming that I can make a living as a Tarot reader if I finally decide to commit myself to that path.  I need to believe in myself.  The only thing holding me back right now is my own lack of faith in myself; my own self-doubts.  If I want to bask in the moonlight and dance with the lovely lunar moths, I need to believe that I deserve to be in that sacred space.  Once I can fully embrace that change in mindset I’ll find it easier to renew myself and  start down this new path with energy and enthusiasm.

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