A swift kick in the reality check – if I want to be happier then I need to initiate myself into the ways of discipline and focus – 6 of Air + 8 of Air R (Dark Goddess Tarot)

Dark Goddess 6 of AirDark Goddess 8 of Air

Seeing the 6 of Air (Scatach) made me smile because I have a special connection to this card.  After its completion Ellen sort of dedicated it to me (well at least that’s what I think happened – sometimes my memory is a bit faulty).  Either way I would like this card because Scatach is an Scottish warrior woman/goddess who (among other notable skills) trained Cu Chulainn in arms.  In some legends Scotland is named in her honor.  Aspiring warriors travel to her island home to receive advanced martial arts training.  This lady is no joke.

On one level, I’d love to focus on warrior training but at this point in my life that’s probably not a good idea and not what is recommended here.  That doesn’t mean I can’t seek some martial arts training in the future but right now that isn’t a priority.  One of the ways Scatach can help me be happier to work on a more trained, focused mindset.  Lately I’ve been mentally scattered.  I find it difficult to focus and be disciplined about anything.  Scatach reminds me that in order to overcome challenges I need to move away from this scattered, undisciplined mindset and learn to rein this energy in and focus it on ways to make me happier.

On another level Scatach reinforces a message I’ve received in various ways over the last few years – that of teaching.  At her core that is what Scatach does – teach.  She teaches weapons use and martial arts but teaching is teaching regardless of subject.  Can I become Scatach in some area of my life – a teacher to whom others come for training?  I think that would make me happy and allow me to feel fulfilled.  It isn’t feasible to do this right now but if I lay the groundwork then when the time is right I can move onto that path.

The reversed 8 of Air (Crow Mother) pointing her black wings straight at me.  They almost look like pincers or the “arms” of a wrench ready to grasp my head.  Ellen describes her as the Hopi Goddess of Initiation and offers the thought “take responsibility to break through restriction.”  Into what am I being initiated?  I’m not sure at this time.  However the idea that I need to take responsibility to break through restriction fits in beautifully with the message I received from Scatach in the 6 of Air.

Crow Mother is ready to grasp my head with forceps if necessary and pull me into a new mindset.  She will help me or perhaps even force me, to move forward.  Some initiations are voluntary and intended, others are accidental and trials by fire.  I have a feeling this will prove to be a trial by fire – perhaps because I’ve avoided taking that step on my own and the Universe has now decided its tired of waiting.  Crow Mother is giving me fair warning that if I don’t take the step on my own I will be given a slap upside the head and pushed.

These cards are not the kind of comforting, reassuring ones I might have sought when I pondered what will help me be happier but they are more insightful.  The truth is that I need a swift kick in the reality check when I get overly maudlin about things.  These cards gave me that and more.

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