{-QOTD – What should I take away from 2013?-} Knight of Pentacles + King of Swords R (Ghosts & Spirits)

Ghosts & Spirits Knight of PentaclesGhosts & Spirits King of Swords

Well this will be my last day using the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot.  It’s interesting that the new year and the New Moon coincide so nicely.  Starting tomorrow I will very happily begin working with the amazing Dark Goddess Tarot.

So I decided, in honor the new year, to see what I should take away from this year.  The Knight of Pentacles is the Moss Maiden.  According to the LWB she is a web spinner, moss maker and protector of her natural environment.  She can heal or harm according to how she is approached.  As with most nature spirits her loyalty and devotion is to the natural world around her.  She will do what is necessary to protect that world. Her priorities are not our priorities although they may sometimes intersect.

It’s interesting that when I first saw this image my mind saw it as the Knight of Cups and wrote my interpretation accordingly.  Now that I’ve looked at it again and realize it has very different symbolism I am modifying that interpretation.  The Moss Maiden is a protective nature spirit.  She made be methodical and the most deliberate of the knights but she is energetic and not afraid of risks.  The Moss Maiden reminds me that I need to be careful not to let the moss grow too thick around me and to start spinning webs to manifest what I want to achieve in the year ahead.  She speaks to me of being protective and defending my world but at the same time create a new future to move towards.

The King of Swords reversed in this instance reminds me that sometimes we need to trust our heart and now allow the head to overrule the heart and hold me back.  The King of Swords is sharp, intelligent and thoughtful.  He is much too controlled to take chances unless he has carefully considered all the odds.  Right now I think that approach is holding me back.  I spend so much time thinking and planning and not enough doing.

These cards remind me that it’s important to maintain a connection with what has been as well as continuing to move towards what will be.  I can protect and value what exists in my world right now but don’t need to let it bury me so that I can’t manifest a new reality.  My focus needs to be on doing and not get too bogged down and lose my head over planning and thinking.  So let’s hope that 2014 will be the year of me doing.


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