I need to seek out what I am truly hungry for and walk away from unhealthy distractons – Knight of Cups R + 8 of Cups R (Spirit World)

47 43

How fascinating!  I’m watching Deepak Chopra’s “What Are You Hungry For” on PBS and he is talking about stopping and feeling your body, stopping eating when you are satisfied rather than full or stuffed.  These concepts seem to fit beautifully with the cards I drew today.

The Knight of Cups reversed reminds me to search out the emotional issues that might be driving me to eat too much or make food choices that I know are not in my best interests.  On an intellectual level I am well aware of what I should eat and what steps I should take to stay on the healthy path but on an emotional level I use food as a substitute for other things.  The Knight of Cups is helping me search for the answer to that question – what am I hungry for?  He can also guide me to the emotional issues that form the core of my over-eating.

The 8 of Cups reversed shows an elderly man laying in bed with his eyes closed.  At his side rests the spirit of an elderly woman, perhaps his deceased wife?  They serve as a reminder that sometimes we need to leave behind things, people and behaviors to which we have an emotional connection but which no longer serve us.  Emotional eating may provide some initially ‘positive” sensations but they aren’t worth the long-term damage they can potentially cause.

If I want to live my life to the fullest then I need to break free of these addictive behaviors that keep me making poor food choices.  I know I say that a lot and I am not going to beat myself up about it but I need to at least start taking some steps towards achieving this goal.  These cards may be able to help me in the process.

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