I need to release past betrayals and get my ass in gear – Ace of Wands + 3 of Swords (Spirit World)

Spirit World Ace of Wands 52

Friday the 13th – one of my favorite days!  Friday the 13ths always seem to be relatively calm, peaceful and even lucky days for me.  I may not win the lottery but I usually find that things just go smoothly for me.

Drawing the Ace of Wands reinforces the messages I’ve been receiving that I need to get started, get moving, get my ass in gear.  Call it what you will but I think the rather intimidating masked figure on this card is warning me that the time for procrastination is at an end.  If I don’t want to get my head handed to me (and perhaps even put on a stick) then I need to light a fire under  my lazy behind.  Perhaps not the gentlest, kindest message one can receive but it certainly is appropriate.  I am a world class procrastinator (perhaps I’ve mentioned this before?).

The image on the 3 of Swords is an interesting take on this card.  The “betrayal” is not intentional but no less deep.  The beloved one had died but still influences the living partner.  The heart aches but can do nothing to change the situation and that is the message this card offers.  As sad as this current situation makes me, as betrayed as I may feel, it’s not going to change.  So I need to let go and move forward.

I think what is keeping me from energizing myself and getting my ass in gear, is that I haven’t fully let go of the sense of betrayal – by life, by the Universe, by fate.  I’m still working on accepting that sometimes shit just happens and there is nothing I can do to change it or make it better – at least not right now.  I need to work on accepting, releasing and moving forward.  I have to stop focusing on what others have done and look at changing my perceptions of these situations.  It’s not a great solution but it’s the only workable one I can come up with right now.

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