I walk this spiritual road alone, wits quick and sharp-tongue sheathed – The Hermit + Queen of Swords R (Spirit World)

09 Spirit World Queen of Swords

As soon as I saw these cards I realized they were telling me that I needed to take some time alone and look at things I might have been avoiding.  I also needed to keep my wits about me but sheath my tongue.  Lately I’ve been sniping at people and being fairly bitchy.  Obviously this is not the most helpful way to handle things.

Looking at this Hermit I am struck by the sense that he is searching for his spiritual truth and is being guided by a divine figure.  He is exploring new spiritual pathways that haven’t been systematized yet; finding his way through ancient pathways that haven’t been co-opted by the mainstream.  The Hermit prefers living in the liminal – areas that are still somewhat untamed and unexplored.  It can be lonely and isolated by it also allows him to live his truth; to be genuine to himself and his spiritual path.  I often find that once any spiritual practice becomes mainstream (such as Pagan groups purchasing land and acquiring dogma), I start to walk in another direction. The road less traveled suits my soul much better.

The Queen of Swords reminds me that I can be smart, sharp, intelligent and witty but that doesn’t mean I need to be sharp-tongued or bitchy (and believe me I can be both quite successfully).  This Queen is guided by the angelic figures in the mirror.  They remind me that sometimes I need to take a look at myself and see if I’m being the best me I can be; am I using my smarts for good instead of evil?  Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes no.

Overall this reading continues to reinforce the concept that intelligence alone is not going to help me in this situation.  I may sometimes feel isolated and lonely but much of this journey is one I have to make alone because it’s about mapping my internal landscape.  That is not something others can do for me.  I may seek some guidance and advice but the path has to be one I choose and the journey will end up being completed alone.

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