If I don’t fight to believe in myself my sacrifices will have been in vain – Warrior of Skill + The Dedicator R (Celtic Wisdom)

The Warrior of Battle is Fionn mac Cumhail, ancient leader of a traveling band of Irish warriors. He was a figure of respect and fear. He and his band lived outside the bounds of “normal” society. In some sense they were outlaws in the truest sense – theived outside the laws that governed those around them. They did not recognize the bonds of family, kinship or sovereignty. He was gifted with prophetic insight thanks to his Thumb of Knowledge, possessed poetic inspiration and amazing fighting prowess. He reclaims his father’s honor by regaining the magic Crane bag which was taken by his father’s killer and served as the emblem of the fianna. The fianna still live on in folk tales commemorating their defense of the weak and defeat of tyrants.

The Dedicator shows the Goddess of Sacrifice from the Gundestrup Cauldron processing an offering. This image is a reminder that we often have to be willing to sacrifice in order to achieve our goals in life. The question becomes what is being sacrificed and is it worth it? If a man or woman sacrifices time with family in pursuit of career success, is that worth it? Only the person involved can answer that. How many times have we realized too late that we sacrificed our todays for tomorrow. We didn’t enjoy what we have and what is available for some delayed gratification. Sometimes it proves a worthwhile sacrifice (such as putting certain things on hold to pursue an advanced degree) and sometimes they are not.

So what I need to know is when to fight for what I believe and what is right for myself and balance against the inner sacrifices I am willing to make to achieve them. I think what I need to fight for most is myself, my goals and my dreams. Sometimes I’m too willing to sacrifice what I want to expediency, to the needs of others, to common sense. Now is my opportunity to stop that and reclaim my own magical Crane Bag. Perhaps I’ve already passed through the cauldron of transformation and now I can focus more on what awaits rather the sacrifices that need to be or have been made

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