All I need is a miracle (and I can make those happen) – The Decider + Queen of Battle (Celtic Wisdom)

Once again I drew The Decider (Magician) and this time he is accompanied by the Queen of Battle. This is especially significant to me because in the Celtic Wisdom Tarot The Decider is The Dagda and the Queen of Battle is The Morrigan – my personal patron and matron deities. I’ve often felt drawn to the energies of both of them. They are symbols of strength, change, transformation, knowledge and power.

I appreciate many of the legends of The Dagda that highlight his humorous aspects. He is often a figure of fun who manages to trick his enemies into underestimating him and emerges triumphant as a result. The Morrigan can be intimidating and imposing but she also forces me to try harder, overcome obstacles and not fall victim to pity parties. I respect and honor these traits in both of them.

On Samhain, Irish legend has The Dagda mating with The Morrigan – symbolizing the union of the father god with the lady of sovereignty. I have often joked that this mating is reflective of my own marriage. I can certainly come off as the bitchy, vicious warrior queen and my hubby is known for having an appreciation for the absurd and no problem making a fool of himself on occasion.

They remind me that what I need to focus on is what I want to do. Yesterday I read a SARK blog post about miracles. It reminded me that in order to truly live magical and fulfilling lives we need to believe in our own magic. If we use our energies to feed the self-doubts and negativity in our lives then that’s what we will keep attracting. If we decide to focus on the amazing and wonderful aspects of the world then we can make those miracles happen.

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