Believe in your magic and use it to create triumphs in my life The Decider R + Foundation of Skill (Celtic Wisdom)

The Decider shows a youthful man standing in a clearing surrounded by pine boughs. This is The Dagda, the Irish father god. He offers abundance, wisdom, magic and even humor. One of my favorite stories of The Dagda involves him being seen as a joke by his enemies. They mock and underestimate him but The Dagda ultimately triumphs. For me this offers the lesson that just because others may mock our efforts and view us as jokes, as long as we have faith in ourselves and believe in our skills we can emerge triumphant.

This is a key message for me right now. Instead of focusing on controlling external factors and outcomes I need to focus on believing in myself. It’s time to strengthen my determination and faith that I can achieve whatever I want; I can emerge triumphant. I have the power and ability to create the magic needed to make my dreams reality.

This is reinforced by the Foundation of Skill (6 of Wands) which shows the Irish smith god Gobniu. He was skilled at crafting swords, spears and other weapons. His magic was in forging such implements from the raw materials and tempering them with fire and water to produce amazing weapons. His magic was so powerful that it only took 3 blows to create a weapon of superior strength and power. The Soul Wisdom Question for this card is “What is your true skill in life?’ This is the key to resolving this entire situation for me. Once I grasp what my true skill is then I will know how to channel and focus it in ways that will benefit me and hopefully the community at large.

One would think that by this time in my life I would know the answer to that question, and yet I don’t. I know there are things at which I am skilled but that doesn’t necessarily reflect my true skill in life. There are also skills I possess but which I would not wish to pursue as a life calling.

Actually I do know the one skill I possess that I might enjoy pursuing as a career – teaching. I have learned that I truly enjoy facilitating workshops and training sessions. Based on the feedback I receive and the vibe I get when I’m on a roll, I happen to be good at it too. Perhaps that is something I need to explore further – pursuing a career as a college teacher or professional trainer. I think that might be fun.

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