Even the Earth Mother has limited resources (Queen of Pentacles & Wheel of Fortune – Deviant Moon)

Deviant Moon Queen of Pentacles Deviant Moon Wheel


The Queen of Pentacles and I have become old friends in the last few years. Although I often considered her the quintessential Earth Mother and Lady Bountiful, I am beginning to see her as much more than that. She takes a practical no-nonsense approach to life. Yes, she will care for others – bring cookies to the fund-raiser, soup to the sick, etc, but she also will call folks on their mishegas. She won’t continue to care for someone long after they should have been able to care for themselves. She will draw the line when she feels enough is enough.

I’m getting the sense that the Queen of Pentacles is telling me I need to be clear about my limitations. Right now I can provide the nurturance and caring necessary for those I love. At some point in time I may reach permanent burn out. I may need to admit that I cannot handle it anymore and it’s time to let go. That doesn’t mean I don’t still care and love them, simply that I can’t provide them with the services they need – at least not on my own.

The Wheel of Fortune shows that eventually all things change. How does the saying go – the only thing constant in life is change? Whether the change will be to my benefit or detriment I cannot know yet. I think this card is reminding me that resistance is futile – and everyone who knows me knows I resist change as though it’s the most horrible thing in the world. As my friend Diane likes to say “your such a fixed Leo”. I can list loads of reasons for this resistance but the reality is that it truly is pointless. All I accomplish is staving off the inevitable for brief time.

So I suppose my lesson today is to remember that even the Queen of Pentacles can reach the limit of her resources and that will bring about changes. I can’t stop those changes but perhaps by approaching them in a more positive manner I can make sure they’re as beneficial as possible for all concerned.

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