I think I made it through the darkness (2 of Cups R + 3 of Swords – Deviant Moon)

37 Deviant Moon 3 of Swords


After yesterday’s reading I began wondering if darker decks produce darker interpretations. If I were using a “happier” deck for my readings these past few weeks (such as the Whimsical) would I have felt so lost in a dark place? I don’t know. Did the cards reflect my dark mood or contribute to it? I tend to lean towards the former interpretation. I was drawn to a darker deck, in this case the Bohemian Gothic, because I’ve been feeling trapped in a dark and lonely place. Not a very pleasant sensation but luckily these bouts don’t tend to last very long for me.

Today I actually do feel a bit more optimistic and chipper. Why? I have no idea. I decided to change decks in honor of the Full Moon so now I’m using the Deviant Moon Tarot. It’s still dark but it’s quirkiness modifies the darkness somewhat. The reading doesn’t seem especially hopeful but I think I know exactly what it means and it’s okay.

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