Can’t manifest magic if I can’t see what’s around me (Ace of Discs R + 2 of Swords R – All Hallows)

All Hallows Ace of Discs All Hallows 2 of Swords


Okay, looking at these two cards I was flummoxed. I just wasn’t grasping their message. My mind went completely blank. I brain-stormed some possible interpretations with a friend but none felt “right”. Finally in desperation I referred to some Tarot books for guidance.

Even that was proving to be a bit fruitless. Then I found this paragraph regarding the 2 of Swords reversed: “In the reversed position, this card indicates that you have been over-compromised – perhaps you have been giving too much away in your desire to preserve peace and harmony-and now you are advised to break away and assert more of your own rights. You also should withdraw from relationships where there’s not enough mutual interest and understanding to arrive at an agreement. Attempts at compromise here may result in a lose-lose situation.” (Janina Renee. Tarot: Your Everyday Guide (p. 223). Kindle Edition). Suddenly everything clicked for me.

The Ace of Pentacles reversed is reminding me that I haven’t been taking any concrete steps to manifest the financial benefits I desire. I keep claiming that I want to establish myself as a professional Tarot reader and possibly teacher but I’ve haven’t really done much to “make it so”. I think I need to change my patterns, shed this skin like the snake in the card and move on to a new phase. I think I need to take a more active role in manifesting magic and prosperity in my life.

The reversed 2 of Swords is pointing out that one of the reasons I’ve been finding it so difficult to achieve these things and get moving is because I am over-extended. Family obligations and responsibilities are taking all my time and energy right now. Finding a balance between meeting my needs and theirs has not been easy. In fact it’s been almost impossible. Each time we start to regain our equilibrium something happens that throws us off-balance again.

All Hallows Strength

For further insight I pulled one additional card – Strength. This gave me a modicum of hope. I hear her telling me that I have the inner strength and fortitude to tame this beast. I will make it through this. As Gloria Gaynor once sang (and every radio station over-played) “I will survive”. I know this is not a permanent situation and I do need to be patient but I don’t need to stand still. I need to motivate myself more so I can at least take baby steps towards achieving my goal.

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