You can’t steer a course unless you know where you’d like to go (Knight of Pentacles R & The Chariot – Fairy Lights Tarot)

Fairy Lights Knigt of Pentacles Fairy Lights Chariot


I love this Knight of Pentacles. He is charging forward on a rampant lion, ready to do battle. He is fully covered by his armor; practicality and safety always foremost in his mind even when he’s saving the world. He and the lion move as one being; perfectly in sync with each other.

The Knight of Pentacles has always reminded me of my hubby. He is very solid and practical and reliable but when he is passionate about something he becomes so focused that nothing stands in his way. He may charge into the fray but he doesn’t do so in a heedless or risky manner. He is methodical and careful. Reversed this card may be letting me know that these are traits I may need to cultivate but right now I’m not utilizing them to the best of my ability. In fact I may even be blocking them from manifesting.

The Charioteer is riding along the top of a wave reining in two orbs blasting out rays of light. If they are horses, they are not visible as such. The Charioteer seems to have achieved balance between controlling these orbs and allowing them to have their head. There seems to be a trust implicit in this relationship. The Charioteer trusts that the orbs will take him where he needs to go, even if he doesn’t realize that is his destination.

So if I combine these two cards, then I take their message to be that I need to learn how to harness my fiery energy in a practical, methodical way that will allow me to become the charioteer in my own life. If I want to steer the course of my life or at least feel that I’m going in the right direction, then I need to become more effective at harnessing my energy, passion and creativity in a grounded and practical way.

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