Transformation unseen is still transformation (Ace of Wands R crossed by The Hanged Man – Fairy Lights Tarot)

Fairy Lights Ace of Wands Fairy Lights Hanged Man

{-QOTD – What guidance will you offer me today?-} Ace of Wands R (Fairy Lights Tarot)
{-QOTD – What might modify or enhance this guidance?-} The Hanged Man (Fairy Lights Tarot)

My initial take on this reading is that my energetic and creative side is still there but more inwardly focused right now. Now isn’t the time to explore new external projects or passions. This makes sense because rather than tapping into my fiery/swordsy energy I’m forced (by circumstances) to hone my earthy/cuppy nature. Believe me this is incredible difficult and has proven to have quite a high learning curve for me.

The Hanged Man is telling me to relax, now is not the time to fight Fate or the inevitable. Slow down, explore the view from up here and allow it to change my perspective on things. My natural inclinations are to act first and think later. In this situation that is a pointless endeavor.

The way things are in my life right now I’m being forced to slow down; to tone down the energy and franticness. They are useless. Instead I am learning to accommodate myself to the slower pace of an elderly person. There is no rushing in her world because time has no meaning. For someone who has always felt the need for “places to go and people to meet” that is a dramatic shift. I sometimes feel like banging my head against the walk in frustration but I’m slowly (very slowly) finding some balance.

Looking at these cards also speaks to me of growth and creative energies percolating beneath the surface. The Ace of Wands grows in a dark, night-time world. That tells me that even when attention isn’t being paid to my efforts, they still matter and have value. Things are germinating and not yet ready for the light of day but they are there. Despite my frustration and feelings of stagnation, this is a sign that there is energy and growth underneath. The Hanged Man shows a figure in a cocoon struggling to break free and that reinforces the sense that I’m in stasis right now but things will change. The me that will emerge will be transformed and hopefully evolved and enlightened too.

It is a hopeful message (or at least I’m interpreting it that way) and gives me a sense of anticipation and a more positive outlook on my life.

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